The Vitamin D Level to Reach Before Second Wave of COVID-19

As reviewed in “Vitamin D Level Is Directly Correlated to COVID-19 Outcomes,” there’s compelling evidence to suggest optimizing your vitamin D level can reduce your risk of COVID-19 and other viral infections such as seasonal influenza.

A number of different scientists are calling for people and governments to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 come fall, both in the U.S. and abroad.1 Considering SARS-CoV-2 has been shown to be responsive to temperature and humidity, with infectiousness increasing with lower temperatures and humidity levels, we’re likely going to see a reemergence of COVID-19 infections in the fall, during normal influenza season.

Global Health Mafia Protection

Global Health Mafia Protection

Amid the questions about COVID-19’s origin and lab, research questions about the self-appointed global health groups addressing the pandemic. According to a recent video blog by a Canadian citizen journalist who goes by the name “Amazing Polly,” global health groups operate as a Mafia, shamelessly using extortion and protection to achieve their goals.

According to Polly, even though global health groups have nongovernmental organization “NGO names,” they are actually Mafia-like families answering to a “don.” The groups use threatening and coercive techniques to “cripple nation-states and at the same time, of course, enrich themselves.” Their actions are especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top benefits of black cumin seed oil

Black cumin seed oil: A trusted folk remedy gaining scientific credibility

Black cumin seed oil – also known as black caraway oil, black seed oil, BCSO, and nigella seed oil – is derived from Nigella sativa seeds.  And, although nigella seeds are referred to as “black cumin” seeds, they are not to be confused with true cumin, which is yellowish-brown in color and botanically known as Cuminum cyminum.

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