Setting your child up for Success: Homework Battles

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When a child has ADHD, the homework battles simply increase


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Most children try to avoid homework. They think that when they leave school the day should be finished. When a child has ADHD, the battles simply increase. Here are some tips that may help.

The big enemy for ADHD children regarding homework is sitting still. Hyperactivity makes it hard for children to concentrate on one project for extended periods of time. When the work is already a challenge, this inability to sit still can make homework sessions feel frustrating and near impossible.

The organization is another problem with homework. Even if your child gets the homework done, they may lose it. Papers can get placed in the wrong notebook or they may forget to even turn assignments in. Here are some tips for making the whole process easier:

Homework Strategies for the ADHD Child

Partner with your child – From the beginning, decide to do the job together, beginning with a game plan. Involve both parents by rotating helping. Choose a place that is quiet and away from distractions. Use the same place every time to increase comfort and reduce anxiety for your child.

Ask for a second set of books – Keep a second set of books at home to relieve your child of the need to remember to bring their books home. Many teachers have a webpage where they can post homework exercises and class work. If your child forgets to write down assignments, check this page each day to record the assignments.

Talk to the teacher – Teachers are there to help. Schedule regular conferences with them to check on your child’s performance. Ask for a weekly printout of homework grades. Now you can be sure they are turning it in and see how they are improving.

Read questions out loud – It can be hard to concentrate on your child when they have to read silently. Have your child read assignments aloud, or you read it to them and then have them talk through the steps as they are writing them down. This helps them to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time.

Homework folder – Keep homework assignments in one color-coded folder. This works well for younger kids and even middle schoolers. They can simply reach into that folder and pull out the appropriate assignment. If you get a homework sleeve, then you can add tabs for each class so homework doesn’t get mixed up.

Adjust medication dosage – Kids that take medication to control their ADHD during the school day find that it wears off by homework time. Ask your doctor if you can adjust the dose to accommodate homework time at home as well. This might mean setting up homework time before dinner when you first get home to help your child.

Homework doesn’t have to be a nightmare for the ADHD child. Here are some strategies to alleviate the stress.