Best Air Purifier For Allergies

Best Air Purifier For Allergies

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Can an air purifier relieve allergies? it all depends on two things:

1) which kind of allergies you have and

2) whether the air purifier has the right kind of filter for your kind of allergy.

For pollen and dust allergies you'll need a HEPA filter to catch large particles. For cat and dog allergies you'll need a pre-filter + HEPA filter to catch hair and dander. For mold allergies, you'll need negative ions and a HEPA filter to both kill mold and capture spores. For pollution, you'll need negative ions and electrostatic to disable pollution as it comes through the window. For perfumes odors and chemicals you want carbon + negative ions to capture and disabled dangerous fumes and odors. But if you have any kind of allergies you probably have an immune system that's affected by all these things to some degree, even the ones they don't make you sneeze, wheeze or itch. This means that the best approach is to get rid of his many allergens and toxins as you can. That's why we created the alive air 9 stage air purifier. It includes a high-quality HEPA filter, a washable pre-filter, washable electrostatic, carbon filter, Negative Ion and also includes UV light to kill viruses germs bacteria.

To get all the bad stuff out and relieve allergies the Advanced Pure air Air Shield Air Purifier sells for only $289.95 with free shipping. It has replacement filters as low as $33, a three-year warranty, a money back guarantee and it covers over 800 square feet. It has auto sensors to monitor the air quality. I challenge you to compare the alive air purifier day and appear for on the market. Give your body some relief, stop sneezing wheezing and itching and get yourself an alive air purifier today.

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