All Natural Dental Remedies to Restore Tooth Enamel

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All natural dental remedies:
Herbs and Home   Remedies to Heal
Your Teeth & Naturally Restore
Tooth Enamel


From: Angela Kaelin

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Natural dental remedies Product Description

Do you use nutrition, herbs and natural remedies to heal your body? Have you ever wondered why you couldn't heal your teeth the same way?

You can.

There is nothing mysterious or mystical about naturally strengthening teeth and restoring tooth enamel. Yet, despite the renaissance of information about other aspects of natural healing, natural dental care is a subject that has not been much discussed. This is partly because to talk about natural dental enamel growth or healing of cavities is heresy against the official dental establishment. And, it is partly because when people believe there is no solution to a problem, they don't bother to look for one.

“All natural dental remedies: Herbs and Home Remedies to Heal Your Teeth & Naturally Restore Tooth Enamel,” gives you practical information about nutrition and specific herbal and mineral therapies, most of them from folk medicine, to heal the teeth and gums. These are common, inexpensive things anyone can get their hands on and try.

The purpose of this little book is not to make an argument for alternative dentistry or against conventional dentistry; nor is it to persuade anyone that one way of doing things is superior to another. It simply presents practical information about the health and healing of the teeth and gums through nutrition, herbs, minerals and other alternative remedies.

Table of Contents:


1. Basic Definitions of Some Terms and Some General Cautions
2. Proper Nutrition is the Foundation of Dental Health
3. Natural Remedies for Dental Pain
4. Healing the Gums (Different Types of Gum Disease and their Remedies)
5. Oil Pulling
6. Healing Cavities and Cracked or Damaged Teeth
7. TMJ (Lockjaw) and Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)
8. Natural Tooth Whitening
Appendix A – Tooth Powder Remedies
Appendix B – Mouthwash Remedies
Appendix C – List of Dental Healing Agents Mentioned in this Book