Barefoot and Grounded

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Barefoot and Grounded, How Grounding Yourself on the Earth Challenges Everything We Thought We Knew

By John W Brackett

What could be more refreshing than walking barefoot through the grass on a warm summer day? Or jumping into a
natural river to cool off afterwards? The fact is, these are among the most refreshing feeling experiences on earth. There's also one common denominator running through feelings like these that wasn't fully known until recently. That common thread? Grounding.

When you touch your bare skin to the earth, whether that's through dirt, grass, climbing a tree, or jumping into a natural water source, you literally “ground” yourself in the same manner that an electrical appliance is grounded when it's plugged into a standard outlet. That ground wire connects to the earth at some point, and the fascinating discovery is that when we're connected to the earth, some phenomenal changes start taking place.

It makes sense though, doesn't it? We're electromagnetic beings by nature. We have our own biomagnetic field, and this interacts with the energies of not only other people and animals, but the electromagnetic field of the earth itself. So what actually happens when we connect with this potent energy source?

First, stress melts away. All of the free radicals bouncing around within us finally have an avenue for release. At the same time, a stream of healing electrons comes in. So you not only lose the cause of accelerated aging in your body, but you gain access to a healing force simultaneously. For this reason, pain also melts away surprisingly quick.

The fleeting of stress and pain are the easiest signs to recognize, but grounding goes so much deeper than that. Research has shown dramatic improvements in circulation, respiration, ability to fall and stay asleep, and a gradual reset of the circadian rhythms. In other words, we get back in sync with the earth and everything starts flowing freely in our bodies that may have been sluggish or slowed down after some sort of damage in the past.

What next? Get out there and take those shoes off! Shoes actually insulate you from the ground and its profound healing effects. Opt to go barefoot as much as possible and really start to feel those stress and worries melt away! You'll feel better instantly, and I promise you that you'll be glad you did.

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