Far Infrared Sauna – NO EMF

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Choose far infrared sauna with no EMF

Your body is a complex communication device where cells, tissues, organs and organisms all “talk.” At each of these levels, the communication includes finely tuned bio-electrical transmitters and receivers, which are tuned like tuning into a radio station.

Most far infrared saunas radiate a huge amount of so called dirty electricity

Dirty electricity also called EMF is perceived by your cells as a toxic stress factor. These waves keep you in permanent alarm position and do not allow your body to rest. This causes exhaustion and stress related diseases. Some people have become so sensitive to electro smog, that they can hardly function in the environment of electro magnetic waves. It's very important that you choose to buy a FIR Sauna that you check if your brand offers low or NO EMF models. Watch this video to find out why it is important to choose the no EMF sauna.


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