Understanding the Benefits of Mushrooms

Hi, I'm Lexi Smith from Natural Partners and this is NPTV. Today we have Jerry Angelini from Host Defense, welcome! Hi! It's really great to have you here we're excited to talk about mushrooms, I have had a lot of experience with your products and I absolutely love them. I take them whenever I'm sick for immunity, and I just have my desk for breath freshener sometimes! Oh yeah for sure, the MycoShield is great for that. That Cinnamon or peppermint gives you that little bast. Yes, it's really great I love them. For sure. So tell us a little bit about the history of your company. So, Host Defense has been around for about eight years right now and we have been in just about of most of the retail outlets that we can find and we've been slowly expanding into the practitioner field. We started off working with just mushrooms, that we grow ourselves at Host Defense under tightly controlled conditions and we have over the past year and a half expanded to incorporate herbal extracts and powders into our formulas to basically bring in the herbal kingdom with the fungal kingdom in what we would call our mycobotanicals products.

Wow that's really exciting. So is your facility here in the US? Yes, yeah Host Defense is located outside of Olympia, Washington on the Olympic peninsula.., Wow! Yeah, it's really beautiful. up there and it's totally mushroom heaven. We grow all of our mushrooms at Host Defense so a hundred percent of our mushroom products we do source are organically certified herbs from other places. All of our products both are mushrooms and our herbs go through an extensive assay procedure as well. So there's things like HPTLC and HPLC and genetic testing and also pesticide and pathogen testing and heavy metal testing too. So these are all third party labs that do our testing for us to validate they're exactly the mushroom they're supposed to be or the herb they're supposed to be, but also have all the compounds that should be there and none of the ones that shouldn't be there too.

Yes, it's very hard to find clean mushrooms. So we really appreciate all the hard work that you guys go to do that. It's very unique. So tell us about the top three products you guys carry. So Mycommunity is the number one seller at Host Defense. It is a 17 mushroom formula. Wow. I know, it's really complex and what preliminary data is showing is that, the more complex the formula, the more responsive the immune system is to the formula. So those 17 mushrooms together, really bring the activity of your immune system to a very strong place without it overreacting to maybe things like environmental triggers, like pollens or danders, it actually balances out that immune response so that its strong where it needs to be strong but it doesn't overreact. Oh, that's really great. Yeah it's an amazing product. That can be both liquid or capsule. The liquid is really really rapid, so it tastes like mushrooms and alcohol and some people love that flavor other people don't, so put it in a little water or a little juice.

Okay. The capsules you can take with your meals or on their own it's really fine either way but you definitely want to take that before 6pm because all the mushrooms have a secondary effect of energizing the system. Some do it really like strongly like Cordyceps but others are gentle energizer's, so don't take them before bed because you know. You'll be a little jazzed? Yeah, totally. You'll be up cleaning the garage or something. It's kind of funny. We also have another formula called Stamets 7. This is your daily immune support. It's seven mushrooms equal parts, and it supports your whole body as well as your immune response and what we know about these mushrooms through research are things like Lions Mane also support your neurological system and helps with memory and cognitive functioning but there's also Reishi in there that helps balance out your cardiovascular system functioning and is an adrenal support for adaptation.

There's Cordyceps which is energizing and great for athletes. You have Maitake that helps balance blood glucose regulation and Chaga, which is what we would call an epithelial tissue support and epithelial tissue is skin, lungs and digestive system. Yes. And the lining of your arteries so it helps modulate the immune response specifically in epithelial tissue so that's why Stamets 7 is your daily whole body support and your immune support. Yeah, it sounds like it really does a lot. It really does, and then we have a mycobotanical product that's really doing very very well it's called, MycoBotanicals Brain.

So it has lion's mane in there which of course is going to support your brain and you know just like where am I what am I doing it, right? Where did I put my keys? Exactly, and it has some Reishi in there, which is great for adrenal and just a neurological protective activity. A little bit of Cordyceps to energize the formula, and then we have the extracts of Bacopa, Gotu Kola and Ginko, and these three herbs are time-tested they're also research tested and they support everything from memory and cognitive functioning to also mood. So for people that might want a little bit of balance in their mood and you know I think all of us can use a little balance in our mood, right? Ah, no kidding! MycoBotanicals Brain can be wonderful for that. There is one caveat. If you're on a blood thinner, we know that Ginkgo extract can interact with blood thinners. So, you would just use the Lion's Mane all on its own because that will still help too. We know that MycoBotanicals bring just from people's feedback, most people feel that within 24 hours.

So that can be really great for people that really want to get their brain in game right now. Yeah, that's fast-acting. It really is. If you drink a lot of coffee though you may not feel it so well, so for those of us that are moderate to, you know, minimal coffee drinkers or caffeine intake, you'll really feel that product. Okay, is there any kind of jitteriness, like you get with caffeine? We haven't actually heard that from anyone know what actually reported any kind of juries they don't actually feel hyped up they just feel really present, like their mind is on and they're ready to kinda take on their day.

That's really amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. You're most welcome.