Dr. Thomas E. Levy – Vitamin C

Dr. Thomas E. Levy - Vitamin C

Dr. Thomas E. Levy talks about Vitamin C, its benefits, uses and why it's such an important vitamin in the fight against infections ranging from mild to acute and to build and sustain a healthy immune system.

Presenting the evidence of what high dose vitamin C (also known as mega-dose vitamin C) can do to cure acute infections. Information relating to the use of high dose vitamin C used by Dr. Klenner to treat polio in children and what this could mean for polio suffering around the world.

A little bit of a historical perspective to vitamin C and what's what is done in the past what we're doing with it presently and some of the things that I think we can expect it to do in the future Frederick Klenner was really the in my opinion singular genius when it came to vitamin C much more so than the person who discovered vitamin C Albert saint George ii and got the Nobel prize for it and really more so than Linus Pauling who got a couple Dobelle prizes somehow dr.Klenner a few years after vitamin C was discovered and isolated and started to be produced in reasonable quantities somehow he got in his mind the idea that giving large doses of it would help a wide variety of disease I wish I knew what his reasoning was at the time the fact of the matter was he started using multi-gram doses 15 30 50 even 100 grams of vitamin C at a time intravenously and sometimes orally and he clearly documented the ability of vitamin C to reliably cure many different acute infectious diseases and perhaps less well-known but as significant or even more significant is the fact that vitamin C is the ultimate antitoxin it will neutralize and has neutralized all toxins against which has been tested and this through V for a loop for a long time because I said how can one simple molecule neutralize the toxic effects of such a wide variety of different chemical structures…