Vit C included in Shanghai Government Covid-19 Treatment


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Vit C officially included in Shanghai Government Covid-19 Treatment Plan, Update 2/3

As you probably know, it is troublesome here within China, but anyway right now. Let me tell you a bit about the basics, there are three updates on the coronavirus outbreak issue. The most important one is the Shanghai government, just officially published, an expert panel consensus, the treatment guidelines of Chrono Varo pneumonia in which the vitamin C is included, and this is very important because, probably as far as I know, probably this is the first and only official guideline of using vitamin C for something as serious as corona viral outbreak by any government, and this is a consensus for make expert panel which endorses the vitamin c usage.

It's pretty critical and that's number one number two: the was my ex-Prime personal exchange communication was the principal investigator of the first officially approved the IVC clinical trial in China. He told me the primary result is promising shows a significant vitamin C, intravenous high-dose vitamin C in the clinical trial protocol. They used 24 grams a day, so intravenous vitamin C shows a significant reduction in information, which is important because this virus kills people by massive amounts of information output, inflammatory outbursts in lungs and probably other organs that cause oxidative damage to the lungs. Our Lungs unable to exchange oxygen and that's why pills, people? Okay, if it doesn't care if I'll, probably tells them that matter that much so this is important. This is positive and also number three more and more people than we realize are using vitamin C already, and two reports recently, in the last two days, post from Shanghai and showing that people are recovering.

Basically, patients was this: coronal viral pneumonia are recovering from this disease and partially, probably because the vitamin C usage anyway, the vitamin C – was used there as part of the management team. Of course, we can't separate out why what happened, but anyway performance II was using those and, and so it is very encouraging that vitamin C usage is probably more widespread than we are led to believe, and that this also in one of my previous videos, actually, the very last one that I did at two-three days ago, a family was probably protected from the pneumonia that viral infection by oral vitamin C high dosage and also the mother, was recovering from the dosage of vitamin C intravenously, and because of these official vitamin C, I mean clinical trials and other people are reporting. So the doctors are a bit more brave to try and also they are more encouraged or braver to speak out.

Okay and as you probably understand the situation here is they're a bit different and not everybody is willing to speak out as loudly as some of us, probably in the other parts of the world, and so this is very encouraging. So my message to you is that one in doubt take vitamin C: okay, take vitamin C in high doses and assume enough and early enough, okay, because prevention is always more effective than treatment, and so let me also briefly mention how I would recommend – and also this Is close to the consensus recommendation by the International Society for also molecular medicine, you can check out the website, also or just search. Google search also molecular medicine organization Society, and it's this also molecular medicine. The concept comes from the two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling and back in the seventies and eighties of the last century, as you, some of you probably know, and it caused a lot of controversies. But now it came back and probably after this Crona viral outbreak either would catch more and more worldwide attention. And I will talk in the next video about how to use vitamin C so that because again, uploading of these videos is very slow and as a very painful