Vitamin C and Niacin

The power of taking high-dose vitamin c, why niacin can change your life, and how to doctor yourself to keep yourself healthy. How Dr. Andrew Saul got into the industry of natural health and orthomolecular medicine. Why his children never had to use antibiotics and were never really sick.

What Dr. Saul’s vitamin c protocol looks like and what he recommends others use. Why human beings and guinea pigs don’t produce their own vitamin c and what this means in terms of how much we should be consuming. Why Linus Pauling was right about vitamin c and why his tests were intentionally replicated the wrong way to “disprove” they worked. The fact that cancer patients who took Pauling’s vitamin c therapy lived 5 x longer than patients who did not.

How vitamin c was able to reduce the symptoms and even reverse polio back in the 1930’s. What type of vitamin c you should be taking. How much water you should be consuming when you take vitamin c. What bowel tolerance really means and why it’s important to get to this level when taking vitamin c for therapeutic benefits. Why people with a sensitive stomach may want to take vitamin c with food, consume more water, or take a buffered vitamin c.

What form to take of vitamin c when you’re really sick. My experience with taking high-dose vitamin c for my viral pneumonia. Why I regularly take about 5,000mg of vitamin c every day. The many uses that niacin has and why you should be taking this often overlooked but very important vitamin. How to take niacin the right way and how to deal with the “flushing” sensation. How much niacin you should take each day. Using niacin as a treatment for schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more…

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