Five Easy Ways to Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s



Let's talk about some easy things you can do to stop cognitive decline that leads to Alzheimer's dementia. Now, these are the kinds of conversations we explore in much greater detail in our undoctored inner-circle website. We start with the philosophy of the undoctored book and then we expand it further into areas like dementia and cognitive decline in our undoctored inner circle. You may know that I'm also helping establish a new program in suburban New Jersey. We're going to take people with an early cognitive decline in early dementia and reverse it, we're going to try to reverse it in these people using a variety of different methods. The most effective methods are also very basic so, the basic strategy of the unducted program really add a lot to your protection from cognitive decline so what are some things you can do to keep your mind intact and not experience dementia. Well, it's become very clear that exercise is crucial.

Exercise is one of the few areas one of the few strategies for preventing cognitive decline. We actually have brain imaging data so people have undergone MRIs and the size of the hippocampus the part of the brain that converts near-term memory to long-term memory. The size that hippocampus can actually increase six months of consistent exercise can reverse the dementia-related shrinkage of the hippocampus by about one year. It wasn't a one-year of loss so exercise is very very powerful it means just casual exercise, by the way, this means running marathons or being a triathlete. It could mean casual biking walking just working up a light sweat getting your heart rate into the 90s a hundred low hundreds that's all it takes. Thirty minutes or so four times a week you can even be broken down into small pieces and add up to that kind of total but moderate exercise really helps.

Adequate sleep and avoidance of excessive stress now avoiding stress is not always possible but you try to deal with stress effectively through meditation exercise and other stress management techniques as well as increase in sleep. These are important because a lack of sleep and great stress raise cortisol and cortisol appears to be one of the most potent mediators of shrinkage of the brain like the hippocampus. The higher the stress the more you are sleep-deprived the more it shrinks your hippocampus and leads to dementia. So, sleeping adequately and trying to constructively deal with stress to be very very important ways to delay or stop cognitive decline that leads to dementia.

Brain training but specifically the kind of brain train that increases your reaction time and your spatial awareness these are the kinds of lessons that are coming out and clinical trials so things like playing video games of all things can really help. Remember those old games used to play like Pac-man or Galaxian bring those back and play those kinds of games. Games that make you respond quickly make you aware of multiple simultaneous sensory inputs that's the kind of cognitive training that keeps your cognition clear and delays cognitive decline. Much less so memory and such things as crossword puzzles it's the kind of exercise cognitive exercise that increase your reaction time or preserve reaction time and make you aware of multiple inputs but you need when you drive.

Diet, conventional wisdom is that you cut your fat and cholesterol which is ridiculous. The diet the brain is made of fact you may have heard that Alzheimer's disease is often called type 3 diabetes meaning the brain is resistant to insulin what diet increases insulin resistance a low-fat diet. So, the worst thing you can do is cut your fat. We follow a high-fat no grain no sugar lifestyle in undoctored from the lessons learned the Wheat Belly experience you click the ketogenic and the high blood ketones that come from that can also enhance cognition and help slow decline but you don't have to be ketogenic because as you know I've talked about how if your kid all the time it has adverse effects so you want to be intermittently ketogenic you can boost the impact the benefits of being ketogenic by adding medium chain triglycerides MCT oils or MCT oil powder. If you've been following my undoctored blog you may have seen that I use under use MCT oil powder as a coffee creamer. It's an excellent coffee creamer or you can just add MCT oil to your coffee or other fluids. Adding MCTS further increases blood ketones and further improves cognition and may slow cognitive decline.

So, those are five easy strategies you can adapt readily.