Benefits of turmeric shown to neutralize cancer cell growth

A common spice frequently used in Asian cooking may hold the key to slowing down the growth of cancer cells.  To be clear, we’re talking about the benefits of turmeric.  And, its value is being touted by several major medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic.

Diving deeper into the research, the National Institutes of Health published a systematic review of the anticancer effects of curcumin – the main active ingredient in turmeric.  But, that’s not the only one: there are over 1,500 PubMed studies that illustrate the value of turmeric – in the fight against many forms of cancer.

Chemo could spread disease and create more aggressive tumors

Cancer is a disease of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, also called a malignant growth or tumor. In 1971,1 President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer, signing the National Cancer Act. His goal was to make a national commitment to finding a cure, after which Fort Detrick was converted to a cancer research center and renamed the Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center. Since then a number of chemotherapeutic and surgical treatments have been developed in an effort to treat cancer. In 1991, mortality rates from cancer began to decline, falling 0.5% per year from 1990 to 1995. In 1998, a major clinical trial reported neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer allowed women with large tumors to undergo a lumpectomy instead of a full mastectomy. The goal was to shrink the tumor using chemotherapy, so a smaller portion of the breast could be surgically removed.

Chemotherapy has been one of the primary treatments used in cancer. The objective has been to destroy the cancer cells so that it does not come back. However, chemo — technically a poison — travels throughout your entire body and affects every single cell, unlike radiation or surgical treatments which target precise locations.

2 Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Kill Cancer

2 Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Kill Cancer

Today we are focusing on two Ayurvedic herbs: Withania and Turmeric. If you’ve been following us for some time now, you’re probably familiar with Ayurvedic practices and its benefits towards healing and preventing cancer. Join Dr. Manuela Boyle for an expert of her presentation from last years TTAC Live Event. She’ll give us a brief

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