Low Vitamin D Levels Cause Health Problems

If you want stronger bones and overall good health, getting enough vitamin D is essential. The essential nutrient is a fat-soluble vitamin, and it works like a steroid hormone within your body. While the D vitamin is produced by the skin when you’re in the sun, you can get some in your diet as well. One of the reasons this vitamin is so important is because it helps the body absorb and maintain the phosphate and calcium you need, both essential minerals for bone health.

Proteolytic Enzymes

5 Benefits Of Proteolytic Enzymes

What Are Proteolytic Enzymes? Proteolytic enzymes, also called proteases or proteinases, break down proteins. Specifically, they catalyze chemical reactions to break proteins into smaller molecules. Larger polypeptide chains get broken into individual amino acids. Several types of proteolytic enzymes exist. Your body produces pepsin, chymotrypsin, and other proteolytic enzymes. Others come from food or dietary supplements and are helpful to your body. As you get older, your body may produce fewer enzymes, which may lead to more digestive concerns.

You Can Heal Yourself

You Can Heal Yourself

It’s about how you heal yourself not the doctor not the acupuncturist or the chiropractor or the herbalist but you. Most patients have this feeling that like that it’s the medicine that they take or their concern what supplement should I take and they’re really focused and fixated on the particular supplement or particular diet or a particular surgical intervention or whatever modality they’re. They’re debating whether or not to do and really wanted it to know does that and will that heal me and that’s generally what people ask me about.

Coca-Cola's Plastic Secrets

Coca-Cola’s Plastic Secrets

Plastic Bottles Made Coca-Cola More Money

Why did Coca-Cola switch to plastic? The answer should surprise no one. Returnable bottles forced Coca-Cola to “internalize their pollution costs,” says Bart J. Elmore, author of Citizen Coke, who is interviewed in the documentary. Plastic bottles allowed, and continue to allow, outsourcing of the problem and the costs to consumers and taxpayers. The public pays for plastic pollution.

prevent and treat cold and flu

Weekly Health Quiz: Trauma, Depression and the Flu

Which of the following berries has been found to help prevent and treat cold and flu?

Goji berry

Elderberry contains zinc and antioxidants, including vitamin C and anthocyanin, known for their ability to boost immune function and inhibit cold and flu. Research shows elderberry protects against influenza and other viral attacks by preventing the virus from entering and replicating in human cells.

How Your Circadian Rhythm Tunes Your Health

How Your Circadian Rhythm Tunes Your Health

We know that every plant, every animal, even we humans, we have clocks. And it’s becoming clear how these clocks, we call it “circadian rhythms” – the 24-hour clock – have a profound effect on our health and physiology. When we are born, our little babies, they actually don’t have a fully functional clock.

So they’re not wired properly, so at random times of the day they would go to sleep, they would cry, wake up, eat a little bit and go back to sleep.

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