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Upper Extremity Injuries Types & How to Treat Them

Upper extremity injuries are some of the most commonly seen injuries in an emergency setting, especially as it pertains to those participating in competitive sport or athletic activities. Many cases involving upper extremity injuries require emergency attention due to the need for immediate treatment to ensure the best possible recovery of a very important part of the body.


Back Pain What is the Cause of it?

Back pain is a prominent complaint among millions, accounting for the large majority of disability cases globally. The linkage between back pain and causation are several, with incidents ranging from collision, injury, poor posture, age, wear & tear, arthritis, and other medical conditions like shingles or spinal infection.


George Carlin’s thoughts on the… CORONAVIRUS

It’s just one more way of reducing your liberty and reminding you that they can [ __ ] with you anytime they want as long as you put up with it. As long as you put up with it which means of course anytime they want because that’s what Americans do now they’re always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling of the illusion of security.

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