15 Paleo-Friendly Ways to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

Though the nutrition world has become polarizing, the shared ground tends to be “eat more veggies.”If you want to incorporate more vegetables in your day, start at the beginning of the day with these veggie-packed breakfast ideas. As I know many of you have egg allergies or avoid eggs, I’ve included egg-free options and noted them below. Egg free. Did you know you can make grain-free breakfast porridge with spaghetti squash? It’s comforting and hearty. The addition of collagen makes it a protein-rich breakfast without eggs.

What’s wrong with what we eat

There’s no question, none, that so-called lifestyle diseases — diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers — are diseases that are far more prevalent here than anywhere in the rest of the world. And that’s the direct result of eating a Western diet. Our demand for meat, dairy, and refined carbohydrates — the world consumes one billion cans or bottles of Coke a day — our demand for these things, not our need, our want, drives us to consume way more calories than are good for us. And those calories are in foods that cause, not prevent, disease. Now global warming was unforeseen. We didn’t know that pollution did more than cause bad visibility. Maybe a few lung diseases here and there, but, you know, that’s not such a big deal.

5 Health Tips For Men Over 40

5 Health Tips For Men Over 40

It is hard for many guys to come to grips with and well let’s face it some of us just don’t take care of ourselves as we should.  Health and psychology expert Jonny Bowden joins us now to help us fix five the health mistakes or at least talk about them for men over 40.

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