The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases Part 1

Lifestyle diseases are different from other types of diseases because they are highly preventable. Lifestyle diseases tend to become more common in countries that are industrialized and are often the result of inappropriate relationships between people and their environment. “The prevalence of having 1 or more or 2 or more of the leading lifestyle-related chronic conditions increased steadily from 2002 to 2009. If these increases continue, particularly among younger adults, managing patients with multiple chronic conditions in the aging population will continue to challenge public health and clinical practice” – Co-Occurrence of Leading Lifestyle-Related Chronic Conditions Among Adults in the United States, 2002-2009, Ford, Croft, Posner, Goodman, Giles

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8 Dimensions Of Holistic Wellness Checklist

Physical Wellness refers to the wellness of the physical human body. Ability to perform well and at peak levels in everyday life. Healthy weight. General fitness and strength to do everyday tasks. High level of energy to face the day. Controlling stress and its effects. Understanding the importance of physical activity. Choosing to eat a healthy diet. Taking steps to ensure quality sleep. Respecting and taking care of your body. Making healthy choices regarding sexuality, drugs, and drinking. Carefully considering what you put inside your body. Listening to your body and learning to identify its needs.

Serenity Meditation

Guided Meditation: Serenity

Serenity Meditation for Achieving Peace and Oneness.
Assume a comfortable position. Shut your eyes as you start to relax. Take in a deep breath, now breathe out, emptying your lungs entirely…

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