Frog Pose Yoga

Frog Pose – Yoga For Dummies

So let’s talk about frog pose today… Now, this is a very tricky pose. It is generally pretty well known to be extremely uncomfortable and most people. Actually, I would go so far as they dread this pose in a yoga class. So don’t feel bad if you’re having trouble with it and don’t feel bad if you’re, like, oh no she’s, making us go into frog pose every time I mention it.

Yoga For High Blood Pressure

Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Whether your yoga practice is more spiritual or physical, there is no wrong reason to spend time on your mat. And while chances are you’ve experienced first-hand some of the health benefits of yoga—such as reduced stress, increased flexibility, or a greater connection to a higher power—you may not realize that the practice appears to be good for your heart.

After reviewing 49 trials, the University of Connecticut researchers recently concluded that practicing yoga may help reduce blood pressure in adults with hypertension.

Yoga vs Pilates

Yoga vs Pilates: what’s the difference?

There are many different forms of yoga and Pilates that you can use to help prevent injury. Ashtanga Yoga – This is a fast, athletic and physically demanding form of yoga. It combines a series of ancient postures that flow with the breath. As you synchronize your breath with the flowing sequence of movements, your

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