Cleaning Infections and Cleaning Your Breath

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Did you realize that one of the problems that you may be dealing with which gives you bad breath is an infection? Most people think that it is a problem with poor oral hygiene and while this may be the case in many instances, infections may also cause halitosis as well. Here are several different types of infections that you may have, each of which will cause its own type of bad breath that may be recognized by a doctor or a dentist.

The first type of infection that you may have may not actually be coming from your mouth at all. Most people don't realize that bad breath may be coming from the nose as a result of a sinus infection. For the most part, these types of problems tend to come and go but if you have a difficult time with recurring sinus infections, the problem may stick around for quite some time. It's difficult to tell if this is what is causing your halitosis but if you have a friend that is willing to test it for you, they can see if they still smell the odor even when you are breathing through your nose.

Another type of infection happens at the back of the tongue. These are a bit rare than a sinus infection but if bacteria is allowed to grow in this area of the mouth, they can certainly cause halitosis. Often, it is necessary for you to treat the infection in order to get rid of the bad breath once and for all. Scraping the tongue may work to a certain extent but the bacteria just tends to grow back quickly and the bad breath will return.

If you're going to a doctor in order to be tested for an infection that may be causing bad breath, you're going to need to make sure that you do not eat or drink anything at least 12 hours before going. You will also want to inform them if you have taken any antibiotics within the past month because these can also kill the bacteria that is causing the halitosis, although only temporarily. Depending on the type of motor that is coming from your mouth and any other test that your doctor may run, they can usually identify the underlying problem which is causing your bad breath and treat it from there.