Does Candy Cure Bad Breath?

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Figure out what is causing the bad breath and treat it

If somebody knows that they have bad breath or even if they only suspect that they have bad breath, they typically will carry a lot of candy with them. These can range anywhere from breath mints to gum and even the dissolvable tongue strips that are now available on the market. Although these certainly can help to make our breath smell better, they actually do very little to cure the problem which is causing the bad breath. It's like putting a Band-Aid on a wound that is severely infected. You will not notice the infection but it will still exist underneath a Band-Aid.

Instead of simply covering over of the problem by masking the halitosis with candy, why not figure out what is causing the bad breath and treat it from there. After all, if you're able to get rid of the underlying cause then you won't have to worry about a symptom of halitosis at all. Here are three different things that can be causing bad breath, each of which can be treated on its own and will get rid of the halitosis as a result.

The first thing is probably the most common and it is problems with their teeth

Not only is poor dental hygiene to blame for much of the bad breath that people experience, it may also be a problem with tooth decay or perhaps even an abscess. Even gum disease can cause halitosis so make sure that you seek dental attention if you are unable to overcome the problem with simple dental hygiene.

Another problem that may be causing bad breath lies a bit deeper in the body

Diabetes, kidney disorders and liver problems all can cause bad breath in us. The reason why this is the case is because the toxins that are being released by the diseases are released into the blood. The blood then carries these toxins to the lungs and releases them there in order to be expelled from the body. As they exit the mouth, these toxins often have an odor which can be identified by the type of sent that carries.

Finally, it may be a problem with an infection. This infection can be in any area of the body but most commonly, they are found in the sinuses and in the lungs. Either of these can cause halitosis so you will need to treat the infection in order to get rid of the bad breath altogether.