Mouth Breathers Have Bad Breath

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The human body is truly an amazing thing and when something goes wrong within the body, it can cause a number of different problems. Something that is interesting about the body is the way that we breathe. For the most part, we tend to breathe in and out through the nose and this is really the proper way for us to do so. From the moment that we breathe the air in through our nostrils, it is immediately heated to body temperature and the nose hairs, along with the lining of the sinuses helps to remove any bacteria and pollutants that may exist within the air that we are breathing.

For some of us, however, we tend to breathe through the mouth more than we breathe through the nose. This has been the subject of many jokes and these people are typically referred to as being mouth breathers. All joking aside, however, people that breathe the air through their mouth on a regular basis may be causing a lot of different problems for themselves, including halitosis. Why is this the case?

One of the main reasons why we have morning breath is because our body does not product the saliva that it usually produces during the day. As a result of having a dry mouth, bacteria is allowed to grow and multiply and as it does so, it produces a foul odor. If we breathe through our mouth all throughout the day, we are constantly dealing with a dry mouth and this can cause halitosis which is chronic.

If you tend to have a problem with breathing through your mouth, you might want to try doing some breathing exercises in order to retrain yourself how to breathe through the nose. You might also want to try drinking additional water throughout the day in order to hydrate the inside of your mouth and also to keep the sinuses moist as well. This will help you to be able to breathe through your nose instead of breathing through your mouth and you should almost instantly see good results in the way that your breath smells.

It can be difficult to learn how to breathe through your nose, especially if you have been a mouth breather for most of your life. Any effort that you have to put into retraining yourself to do so, however, will be well worth it once you don't have to worry about halitosis again.