The Dangerous Side of Halitosis

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When most people get bad breath, they go out to the drugstore and a pickup of some sugarless gum or some breath mints. Other people simply kick up their dental hygiene a notch and try to get rid of it in that way. You might be surprised to learn that there is actually a dangerous side to halitosis and if you have persistent bad breath, you might want to go to a dentist or a doctor to have it checked out. Why is that?

First of all, persistent halitosis may be a result of the more serious problem in the mouth that cannot be treated by simply brushing your teeth. To decay, abscesses and gum disease are all problems that need to be treated by a dentist and cannot be treated at home. All of these have a side effect of causing bad breath so this may simply be a warning sign that you have other problems in your mouth that need to be taken care of.

While you are at the dentist, he may notice that your bad breath is of a particular variety that may be from another problem, other than a problem with your mouth. For example, if your breath smells fruity it may be a result of ketosis which is an underlying condition that is caused by the breakdown of chemicals, usually from diabetes. If there is nothing wrong with your mouth and he recognizes this particular odor, he will probably send you to a doctor in order to have your blood sugar tested.

Another problem that may cause halitosis is kidney problems. This typically causes a smell that is similar to a urine on our brass. Other problems in our body may also cause different types of odors and the reason that these are noticed in our breath is because as our body gets rid of these toxins, they are released from the blood into the lungs and then passed through the mouth.

If you're dealing with halitosis that is not easily treated by regular oral hygiene, make sure that you get checked out. If it is one of the outward signals that something else is going wrong in your body, you should make sure that you do something about it quickly. After all, bad breath is not something that happens naturally so make sure that you get it treated as promptly as possible.