3 Step Cold Sore Remedy

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Yes, it's true.I'm not just bringing you this solution out of the blue.I've been a victim myself and I hope you stick with me, as I share with you my story which will help you get rid of this embarrasing problem once and for all

My name is Dave Dubose, I am a highly qualified medical professional… a licensed physician assistant with 10 years of experience… and one of the most knowledgeable people on cold sores… I am an acknowledged cold sore expert.

This mind boggling, embarrasing problem that never allowed me to live life to its full potential forced me to become a “cold sore expert” out of necessity to help myself with my own cold sore problem.

The fact that I have 10 years of medical experience, combined with my personal cold sore self experience has really given me the insight to provide you with one of the most powerful cold sore educations, and treatment programs available anywhere on the planet.

As embarrassing as this is to do, I would like to share my personal story with you along with the same secrets I have used to eliminate my cold sore problem in 3 Simple and easy steps.These secrets have changed my life forever…and they will do the same for you too!

I will show you the quick and easy way to get rid of your ugly cold sores so you too can enjoy your life without the embarrassment and low self esteem that cold sores cause.

Like you, I know from personal experience what it’s like to suffer with cold sore outbreaks.They can totally wipe out your self esteem and ruin your zest for life.

I had my first cold sore outbreak when I was in High School.I remember asking my mom what in the heck that was on my lip and she vaguely responded: “Oh that, that’s just a fever blister.It will go away in a few days.”

At the time I didn’t know how many problems and issues that “fever blister” would cause me later in life.If I had only known.

After going through a tour in the Army and making my way through college, I realized that this problem just wasn’t going away. I was having too many outbreaks!

While in college, I forced myself to visit a Doctor, only to find out that I had the virus that causes cold sores: HSV1 or Herpes Simplex Virus 1.

I asked the Doctor how do we cure it.He looked at me and smiled.What he said sent my heart down to my stomach.“We can’t cure it son, once you got it, you will always have it.All we can do is treat the symptoms as you have each outbreak.”

To say that I was puzzled and devastated is an understatement.I didn’t know what to do next.The Doctor quickly gave me the diagnosis, handed me an expensive prescription…