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6 At-Home Workouts That Will Keep You Moving

Staying active during stressful times is more important than ever for our mental and physical health. Scientists have long known the connection between exercise and the myriad health benefits. Now a new study finds that those who stayed active during the coronavirus quarantine reported lower levels of stress and depression compared to those who reduced activity.

But of course, staying active these days can be a challenge. That’s where Sonima’s Elev8d Fitness plan can help. The Elev8d program focuses on eight core body movements that are combined into a variety of exercises and workouts designed to target specific fitness goals such as weight loss, increased strength, or overall functionality. Most important, Elev8d uses the power of your body’s own weight to deliver a complete workout that can be done virtually anywhere—your apartment, your yard, your park—it’s your choice.

Elev8d Fitness workouts range from 8 to 24 minutes and provide total-body results because they utilize the larger, deeper muscles rather than just the smaller muscles closer to the surface. Engaging these deeper muscles to burn more energy in a shorter amount of time and maximizes the overall results.

Try it for yourself with any of our free workouts below—and keep moving! (And check out the Sonima Elev8d streaming platform for the full library of all of the workouts.)

8-Minute Total-Body Transformation

This is a quick and efficient way to tighten every limb, move every joint, and target every major muscle. And you’ll feel fantastic!

8-Minute Sculpted Butt and Hips Workout

Everybody wants a tighter butt. And the way to it is through the calves, quads, hams, and hips. This workout targets all of these areas, giving you an enviable rear.

8-Minute Get Back in Shape Workout

Need to get back in the fitness swing? This workout reboots your body in just 8 quick minutes. You’ll be on your way back to doing all the fun things you used to love to do in no time.

16-Minute Flat Belly Workout

Flat abs look great, but they also support the whole body. This workout has you moving your arms and legs so you have to engage your abs to stabilize the rest of your body. And that leads to a flatter and stronger belly.

16-Minute Core Stability and Strength Workout

A strong core provides muscle stability throughout your system, but because of postural dysfunction, many “core” workouts actually don’t reach the core. This one does. You will feel the difference right away and every day after.

24-Minute Fat-Loss Workout

The most efficient way to burn more fat is to engage more muscles. This workout focuses on all the major muscle groups, helping you drop pounds.


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