Cleaning With UVC Lights – Have Your Home Germ-Free


Cleaning With UVC Lights: 3 Gadgets to Leave Your Home Germ-Free

Keeping our homes and workplaces clean. This flu season can be a chore, but now you can clean at the speed of light. Literally, it's called UVC, which is a short wavelength version of sunlight that short-wavelength actually impacts the DNA of the virus or the bacteria and prevents it from replicating. Dr. Stephanie Jackson of Honor Health says this clinically proven germ-killing technology can clean everything from your car to a hospital room with the Xenex Ligh Strike germ-killing robot, which is first on our list.

One of the things that's a national problem is that antibiotics are becoming increasingly resistant to some of the cleaning agents we use. So this UV light is a new way to eliminate the replication of bacteria and viruses. Xenex, says studies have shown this robot easily kills or destroys the flu staff and other nasty viruses. The light strike is used by hundreds of hospitals across the country.

At number two, the Phone Soap Device claims to get all of the germs bacteria and well other things off your phone. Yes, your phone that you touch all day with your hands and face houses, fecal matter illness-causing germs and roughly 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom yup. But phone self claims that those cooties growing on your phone are no match for its UVC blasting technology. It is very simple to use you just open the phone soap up, put your phone inside close it. That's it and after 10 minutes the company claims it will be germ and bacteria-free. You can find it on phone soap, calm for about 60 bucks.

We'll wrap up our list of light cleaning gadgets with the Germ Reaper personal cleaning wand. The company claims that you can sterilize any surface area, including tough, to reach spots, which can be a pain with traditional cleaning products. Really the advantage of the UV light compared to normal cleaning is that you know it's hard to get in all those nooks and crannies. It's available online for about $ 40 cleaning at the speed of light on the top of the list.