Complete guide to the field of natural alternative cancer treatments.

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Finally, a natural alternative cancer treatment consultant who's counseled over 1,100 people

shows you how to make your way through the Internet JUNGLE and get what works for you.

If you are new to natural alternative cancer therapies, review these few pages carefully for a brief overview and introduction to the field of natural alternative cancer treatments in general.

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The Problem Is, the Public Never Hears Anything About This! Worse yet, conventional doctors

(MD Oncologists) are never taught anything about proven natural therapies in their medical schools.

Below is a small sample of the natural alternative treatments and therapies used daily worldwide.

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But finally, the Internet information explosion is forcing the powerful drugs-and-surgery cancer industry ("industry" is the right word) to change due to public pressure. Word is finally getting out. In fact, our new "problem" is information overload … the kind of problem we are fortunate to have.

If you are overwhelmed by it all take heart. There are many proven ways to save yourself long, hard hours searching for what will work for you or a loved one … not to mention saving you and your family thousands of wasted dollars along the way. Order the inexpensive 45 page guide to the field of alternative cancer therapy for guidance. The information in it is based on what has worked for others for decades.

As the former Director of Public information for a 25+ year old non-profit alternative cancer therapy research foundation, the author, talks to you about the question he has heard the most:

Virtually always the answer is yes. And you don't need to be a trail blazer in the information jungle to find it. There are many places you can go today to quickly get expert guidance. You can get help finding sources by ordering the complete 45 page Guide. For example, Professional Therapy Consultants (Did you know there was such a profession?) will research past success rates of both alternative and conventional treatments used worldwide for you.

Former U.S. president Richard M. Nixon declared his "war on cancer" in 1971. Since then, almost…