Eat More Protein To Start Losing Weight!

Use This Diet To ACTUALLY Start Losing Weight! Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Learn about Protein Requirement Per Day

The shocking results of eating a high protein breakfast vs. a high carbohydrate breakfast.

You need to eat more protein to start losing weight…

On this episode you'll learn:
* What Muscle-Centric Medicine is, and why it matters.
* Why muscle mass is an underrepresented factor in obesity outcomes.
The role that skeletal muscle plays in the development of chronic illnesses.
How body weight and brain function are interconnected.
What myokines are and how they’re released in the body.
The effects that skeletal muscle has on immune system function.
Why our solutions to the obesity epidemic are not working.
Where insulin resistance begins in the body.
What you need to know about protein consumption as you age.
The definition of sarcopenia, and how to combat it with your diet.
General guidelines for calculating your protein intake.
How the thermic effect of food works.
The role skeletal muscle plays in glucose regulation.
A huge misconception behind cancer development and protein consumption.
The truth about eating red meat.
How gluconeogenesis works.
Ways to improve your cardiovascular health.
The link between dietary protein and immune health.
A comparison between plant-based proteins and animal-based foods.
What collagen does in the body (and what it can’t do!)
Why you should start and end your day with protein-rich meals.

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