German New Medicine 101


German New Medicine 101: Introduction to the Five Biological Laws

Welcome to GM 101 an introduction to the five biological laws. My name is dr. Melissa Cell and I am beyond excited to be sharing this basic information with you today. This german new medicine and the five biological laws has radically changed the way that I work with my own health with the health of my patients and clients. I know that it is going to dramatically change the way you seehealth the way you see your body the way you relate to your own psychology in your own biology and so. This presentation is going to serve as a primer as a basic introduction to your understanding of these biological laws of nature.

The-five-Biological-LawsThis book, in the context of the five Biological Laws, has been written with the intent to carry out a greater understanding on the origin and the meaning, from the biologic point of view, of the anxiety and the panic attack. The German New Medicine discovered by the Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and systematized in the five Biological Laws, it represents a change in the understanding of what is commonly called “Illness”.Through his studies, Dr. R. G. Hamer has reached the ascertainment that the pathological courses are not “errors of nature” but, on the contrary, Sensible Biological Programs of the Nature consequent on sudden and dramatic events.