How to Stop a Calf Cramp in Seconds – Health Tip


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You sound asleep everything is going great all of a sudden ouch. Biggest calf cramp of your life in the middle of the night. What are you going to do?

Alright so here's the concept that this is like a fundamental concept that can be applied all over your body. Basically, we're going to call this the number one secret for releasing a tight muscle that doesn't matter where it is. Your calf is cramping up at nighttime and you have shin splints or whatever it is you're going to want to do the opposite of what most people tell you. And you're going to work on the opposite side.

This is where you're going to get the key to releasing it neurologically. So I'm going to use one of our patients here who have a short sleeve shirt on and he got the biggest biceps in the office right. That's going to help people see what we're doing. Thank you for helping us. I'm going to get you to lift up your arm like this so we have all muscle there this is bicep muscle and I'm going to make him contract it an example of wherever you're heavier tight muscle.

So it's going to make the patient underwent a bit so as you can see this muscle is contracting there's a lot of tension. So typically they might go you know you're going to massage this out or if I tell you to stretch it and you're stretching the muscle but it's still staying tight. Okay, what you want to do for the neurology there's a very simple thing. I just switch my hand on it kinda push here, So all of a sudden that bicep is actually gone.

So you've got a lot of muscle so it still there but it's actually he's contracting this and neurologically. His body has to let go of that for this to work because we switch them up with contracting. You want to work on the opposite side muscle to release the man's tight. Thank you. So as you see in my other videos and you just saw now there's a special way you're going to work your muscles to get rid of something that's tight for contracting.

Usually, people have a cramp to calf muscles like this and they're walking it all over to try to stretch it out or do something like this. You actually won't do the opposite. So yes I work best possible on this side to make your body relaxed the cramp on the other side. If you're lucky enough that it's only happening in one leg. Which usually see we do one leg, for the most part, let's say this isn't the one that's cramping.

As soon as you feel that cramp going on getting the other foot put it right there and you're actually going to be pushing up with the one that's cramping against the heel of the other one. I'm pushing with this and contracting. I'm contracting the muscle on the top and my body has to let the cramp on the back so the calf cramping just neurologically has to let go of itself.

You got to do that you're going to be doing it fairly forcefully but it's happening here. A few times and if you do this and get on it right away. You're basically living at the cramp will go away and you won't have it anymore. If you're unfortunate it's happening on both legs like this it's a little harder to kind of get both of your hands up here but that's basically what you have to do. Just get your hands here and just push up with your feet against your hands. Against resistance and do that for quite a bit until you feel that the chasm also relaxes.

And usually, if you get it at downtime and it hasn't been going off for too long even almost abated pretty quickly within like a couple of a couple of seconds with tenders ten or fifteen seconds. In our epic commentary, some of the other things you can do obviously in the other video I talked about is the magnesium. So if you have the magnesium spray. Spray it on your calf before we go to bed. Neet kind of thing and that might be helpful. I'm using calcium and lots of minerals and vitamins and all kind of steps for prevention purposes. But this is more just to tell you what to do if it's actually happening. Get on it right away and that's the best way to prevent cramping.

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