Is the Neck Hammock Helpful or Harmful for your Neck


Dr. Mindy here and as most of you know who have been following my Facebook lives I specialize in resetting people's health and one of the things that we reset a whole bunch in my office are curves and people's spines.  So why you guys are sitting doing this all day where you're changing the curve in your spine and you're putting it into a reverse curve.  It's causing headaches it's causing neck pain it's caught its impeding blood flow in the cerebral spinal fluid in and out of your brain that is not a good situation.

A lot of you, in fact, I've had a ton of people messaged me over the couple last couple weeks asking me about this thing have you seen this neck hammock.  How many of you have seen that if you've seen it put it in the notes.  Okay, everybody's looking for the quick fix so they what they're what everybody that messages me says do you think this would make a great present for my sister do you think this would help me?

I want to explain to you why this is not going to fix your neck problems. Your headache the tension between dirt and why it could potentially cause worse damage so the way that your neck is formed the way that it's built is it's supposed to have a curve. Your spinal cord is only 17 inches long it's supposed to curve like this. When you're put on that neck hammock what you will notice is that a lot of people's necks and chins are forward like this so it is retraining those ligaments to be in a straight position or in some of the pictures I've seen on this neck hammock is it's actually putting it into a reverse curve.  Yes, it's gonna feel amazing because it's like somebody having their hands behind your occiput and pulling on that but you're gonna have to keep going back for more and more and more and over time it's going to cause more permanent damage.

We use in my office things like this is called a Deneroll and we have people lie on it. This is often one of the things that we will send home with patients and they lie on it like this to actually improve the ligament of flexibility in their necks.  After they've been doing all day at the computer working at the computer so it's called a deneroll.  I cannot emphasize enough that the neck hammock whoever's doing the PR on this is amazing because it's coming through my newsfeed.  I've got people messaging me everybody wants to know about this neck hammock and I really see a long-term issue long-term damage.

For those of you that decide that that's the path you want to go for your neck and your upper back it's not a long-term solution it is going to cause you more problems than it's worth and there are great tools that are about the same cost that will help to make sure that your neck curve is going in the right direction.  Okay, so you as you know my job is to empower you I want you to make smart choices about your health.  So just today there was like one more time if that's stupid neck hammock goes through my facebook one more time I couldn't take it so I had to do a Facebook live on it.  So you all know how to take care of your spinal cord curbs properly. Hope that helps.