Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne


Good evening, serendipity friends and I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits, considering these challenging times it seems like every day our world chat changes and it's difficult to know what to believe in the media. So I hope that our group has helped introduce some other bits of information and knowledge and got you to have felt a little safer about stating your opinion and I'm really proud to see a lot of the members start to post things on their own pages. Thank you very much because every little bit counts and I know that it helps quite a bit. So thank you. This particular talk is about Cova 19 vaccine. I really think that this information is very urgent, and I encourage you to really think about the things that I'm saying this is not a new topic for me. I've studied these things, for you know, 20 years at least about vaccines, so very familiar with it. I'm very passionate about the information. This one will focus on the COVID 19, though, whatever you find out, please share with your friends and family and on your social media platforms. I know that Facebook gets really frustrating many times. I've wanted to shut it down myself. However, we need everybody to stay on and to put out memes and information, and that sort of thing, because it does make a difference – you can't just have all the negative things on there. So thanks for helping out on that before I begin, I must say that I do not represent any company or group. I am NOT getting paid or reimbursed, and the iminium stated are solely mine alone. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any individual. If you have symptoms, please see your individual health care practitioner again.

My name is dr. Kerrie Madej or Carry and I'm an internal medicine physician osteopathic trained. So I want to start this talk by saying the most important question. The choice of your life is: what does it mean to be human mm-hmm? This is a very important question. It'S going to be very important for this vaccine. That's coming up, and so let me introduce some basic facts. First and then I will give you some information about what has been going on since we've been distracted on the media and give you some of the conclusions in the end and then, as far as some of the data that I'm going to present, I will give You some references that you could look up on your own, give me a day or so day or two to put those on the group's album page. Okay, so, first of all, some information to digest. Each of us has enough DNA in our bodies that could stretch up to 10 billion miles when uncoiled that's about 35,000 terabytes of data, which is about 35 million hours of high-definition video. So what information would this hold the blueprint for life? How to create it? How your body functions, how it grows, how it reproduces our thoughts and memories just to begin with some of those also important to know that DNA is similar to computer code or binary code. So if you're familiar with those where it takes a small change in the pattern or code and will have a very brand effect, so you can insert a genome or gene sorry into the genome, so you can put something extra in there. You can take something out. So it's missing one, you can translocate, meaning you take one part of the genome, put it into another area and you know flip-flop them or you can take another synthetic or from another organism a genome in and cut out part of the genome of the human and Insert that other genome in there when you're doing this, you are rewriting your genetic code. You are writing your software program and how much change of that code would it take to then be considered, not human, and is that ethical and legal? We, whether or not we know what's going on okay they're, very important things to discuss because they're trying to roll out this technology within this year. This is also considered to be an engineered cell line or synthetic cell line or a genetically modified cell line. Those are all different words that might be used. You have to understand the lingo because it can be confusing. What someone's trying to talk about an interesting point is that we cannot patent anything natural or from nature, but we can patent, something that's been created, modified or engineered. Good example is Monsanto: it can genetically modify the seeds. Therefore, it's created something a little different. You may see the corn or the tomato or whatever in the grocery store. It looks the same as a wild-type, but it's not. They changed something so on the outside. It looked the same and on the inside, it's not so that, therefore they control their own. Those seeds now, if it's a wild-type one that just grows from nature, they cannot patent that they can't own that. Okay, so you know to translate that or transpose that onto a human cell line or a human that could potentially mean that we could be patented or human cell lines could be patented, and if it's patented, it has to have owners. So I think you might see where I'm going with this and then what if our DNA is modified with genes from another species, are we still human? Is this transhumanism and then what if our DNA our genome is modified and thus can be patented and owned? This is not a sci-fi movie or a future event. This is right now today this is called recombinant DNA and recombinant RNA technology, and this is what is proposed for Cova 19 vaccine, the coronavirus. Cobra 19 vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms. That is the same lingo and terminology used for Monsanto seeds, okay, so the frontrunners for this recombinant DNA technology are Inovio, which is backed by the Gates, Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. Also, Moderna is in there too now, but that's also agates backed foundation. I will add that this type of DNA vaccine has never been used on humans before. Let me repeat that, please understand this has never ever been used on humans before never, they are now proposing to take something we've never used and to inject it into everyone. Vaccine trials are being fast-tracked at a level and a rate that I have never seen in my life. Nor did I ever expect to see this. They are skipping over the animal trials going directly to human trials. They are not using good scientific methodology at all. They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any vaccine, which is the gold standard for any therapy to be approved by the FDA they're, not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us to make sure it would work for us to know anything About it, and they want to inject it into everybody, the vaccine manufacturers, in general, are actually exempt from product liability, meaning if it causes seizures, paralysis, etc. They don't, as a group, are liable. Okay, they also exempted from randomized control trials. They'Re doing this with the Cova 19 vaccine, but they're also doing this with other vaccines recently, where they can just say well: we've had the MMR vaccine before we don't need to do that. You might have tweeted a little bit. It'S still the same thing well kind of you know mindset is that I can't believe it, because just a little change can make a big difference. Also, they're exempted from needing evidence to prove that these things will do what they say they will do so, for instance, they just have to prove that the vaccine is producing antibodies. Okay, just because you've antibodies does not make you immune to something. We don't know that for a fact, we don't know if it really would work out in the population of people. A real study couldn't study would show that it actually works in the population of people they're not doing that. They say they don't have time. So may not work at all okay. So let's ask ourselves what is the purpose, then? So another important fact to know about all vaccines that many of them are using the MRC five boarded fetal cell lines from the 1960s. This is an immortal eyes. Cell line. Immortalized means it does not die; in other words, it is a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis and a cell that cannot go through that death process is called cancer. That is a definition of cancer, so they're trying to use a lot of words for you not to realize you're using a cancerous cell. Another term for aborted fetal cells are diploid cells and they have other terms for them, but I'm just giving you the two main ones they'll use. If you look at the list of ingredients, some of the vaccines that are using these cancerous cell lines are MMR. Measles, mumps rubella chicken, pox shingles hepatitis, A and B polio vaccine others. Now I just want to put this point in because people always tell me what you're saying is fantastical there's no way this is going on. Absolutely not. I trust our governments. I trust our companies. I trust Bill Gates, you're, saying false information. I just wanted to tell you that many many physicians and researchers have tried to get this information to the public for many years and have been silenced one way or the other. Many of my colleagues have tried to do that. I know I have tried my best, so we have tried to bring this to the public. It's not when there's money behind it. It doesn't work. You know the media is controlled, so this is why you don't see health care professionals and other researchers speak up more. You see some still, but you don't see the group of us because we don't feel like. We have freedom of speech. i'm just wanting to go on an Italian report, backed by the government of Italy, and a group of scientists called for Velha. We'll give you a reference to that later. I gave its conclusions about some of the vaccines I just mentioned. There, a group of scientists states that these vaccines have the potential to increase uncle Genesis, meaning an increased risk of cancers, increased risk of mutagenesis, or mutant genes. What that would exactly mean, I don't know, either an increased risk of transmitting live infection, so this has been well known. A lot of times would have a bacteria, that's a contaminant or a mycoplasma. Pneumonia is a very common bacteria as it contaminants. This really has nothing to do supposedly with the vaccine itself, but they are in there. So you are getting an infection on top of the vaccine, so folks telling you just this part, this could be considered or possibly the potential to be used as a bioweapon right. They are injecting cancers into your body, along with very toxic substances like mercury, derivatives and aluminum derivatives, and other things like that, in addition to the unknown effect of the combination on an accumulation of these vaccines together and the synergistic effect that happens. For instance, if you have one vaccine with a known amount of side of and another one with its known amount of side effects, you put them together in a human's body within some time of a timeframe, it's not just like a plus B equals a and B The two together can you have a synergistic effect and have a hundred times more detrimental side effects than just what you would ignite. So we don't know this. There haven't been any studies done on us. The pediatric population is definitely the most susceptible and due to the immaturity of their immune systems, which would be common sense. So, let's go back to the topic of why the vaccines are being pushed so heavily on us. If the current research and evidence for using them are flawed, so let's follow the money and that usually will give you some better ideas. So in 2011, the German company cure vac was: it was given thirty-three million dollars for their research and development of RNA vaccines. Then in 2013, Moderna Therapeutics was given 25 million for their research and development of RNA vaccines. Then in 2015 Inovio was given 45 million for their DNA vaccines, which they also mention admitting to using DNA. Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is using microscopic very tiny, little robotic organisms. Okay, all of these companies are backed by the Gates Foundation or have been associated with the Gates Foundation in some way. It's important to note that, so far, these companies have been unable to get these products license for human use. Due to the fact that these vaccines have failed to provide sufficient immunity in human trials, sufficient immunity is again only stating that you have a certain amount of antibodies. This again is not showing that the person is completely immune out in the public, whatever virus. There are bacteria they're trying to protect you from it's only looking in vitro in a test-tube how many antibodies. This is not good science, yet to prove the efficacy of these vaccines, even if they could get this in 2010 DARPA, which is the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency military agency is folk started, focusing on DNA and RNA vaccines, and they had a synthetic DNA vaccine That could be delivered via non-invasive electroporation, which is using kind of a sticker with the microneedles in it on your skin. You can barely feel it go in there and in their words, and quotations it is is to enhance and subvert and of quotations humans at a genetic level. This is around the same year. Bill Gates heavily started to fund the DNA RNA vaccines with the companies mentioned before and 2012 DARPA acknowledges a brain-machine interface, that is AI, artificial intelligence and the human brain will form a neural network and therefore have the ability to communicate by thought alone or being Influenced or in controlled remotely, ok, so this is the idea you go into. Maybe your smart home thinks about it. Turning on the air-conditioner, the fan, as your favorite program have the stove start cooking, something who knows what and it happens, because it's Wi-Fi that sounds cool right, but think about that. If it's going one way, it's coming back another way, what if the smart home can give you messages this all ties in together, so bear with me. So another dark bug program around that time is next-gen, non-surgical nanotechnology and three program, and it involves non-invasive or minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces to read and directly onto your brain. Do you understand what this means? I'm laughing because it's blowing my mind away still, even though I'm known about this for a while, read and write directly beer rewriting, what's happening in your brain, your memories, your thoughts. Now, people think this is exciting. It'S the matrix is literally the matrix. I want to learn, karate download it. I know karate, your body would know how to do it. I want to learn how to be a French cuisine, chef download it instantly. I can do that. I can learn a language probably within days or one day. I don't know so. That'S that part sounds cool. You think you can control this. Something else is controlling you. Something else is rewriting your emotions, your experiences. You may have artificial memories of things. You don't know what is reality. You'Ve become a computer program, you become a character in a computer program that you don't you do not control. This is not sci-fi. This is today this all ties in so also to note that DARPA funded a company that produced that produces soft, flexible hydro, gels and mention hydro gels in the past injected beneath the skin to perform health monitoring important. You hear this. They sink to a smartphone app to give the user immediate health insights. However, hydrogel nanotechnology grows and spreads in the body once implanted. We do not know how this affects our DNA. We know that it can send information directly and continuously to an artificial intelligence. Okay, so all of us in a smartphone might included. We have health apps one way to gather it's in your phone. Sometimes you have to look under a Google app whatever it's there. You can disable it, but you can't erase it it's impossible. This is the Cobra 19 apps for putting it it has to do with this they're. Getting you set up, you have the app you have the software now. All you need is this little hydrogel, that's put there and then forever. Everything in your body's monitor your for a woman, your ovulation, when you men straight how many you've had sex for a man how many times you've had sex, how much alcohol contents in your body, all the vitamins and minerals if you've fallen down, how many steps you're Taking if you're anxious your emotions, your sleep, everything know everything about you continuously it's going to an AI program. What is that doing? That'S something they're trying to do very fast, they're already getting you set up on your smartphone. This is not fantasy. This is real. So in conclusion, we are entering into uncharted territory that can change what it means to be human. The Vaccines fork over 19 kovat 19 are not safe by any scientific methodology. They are introducing cancerous and mutagenic cell lines into our bodies and have been for a long time they're introducing toxins into our bodies. This has been going on for a long time introducing different animal genomes into our body. This has been going on for a long time. They do not have proof that what they do will what they do. What they said, they're going to do will happen, there's absolutely no proof yet: okay, they don't have to have the proof. The recombinant RNA recombinant DNA technology would cause permanent and unknown genetic changes in a person's body permanent once they their DNA has changed. He or she will live with that change for the rest of their lives and also the ripple effects from that genetic change. Who knows what they could be for the rest of his or her life? There'S no going back, it's not like. Oh. I got that vaccine didn't work. You know, I won't do it again. No, it's just do or die with this I'd. I don't know – and I don't think they'd whoever's trying to market this really knows the ultimate outcome, but it doesn't sound good. Essentially, this creates a new species and perhaps destroys an old one. Us offices, humans, that we know it's also introducing nanotechnology and his robotic effects into the body. This is all suggesting the ability to use this vaccine and it's ancillary products. The things I mentioned just now, and then some of the names are like ID, 2020, etc. To hook up to hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interface, this is not a one-way street. This is a two-way street, so I know it's a lot of information to digest and scares me. It has scared me. For our years, I've been to scientific meetings where they've talked about this. I'Ve been to business meetings where they talk about this. This is real. It'S not fantasy. I'Ve studied this since I was my early 20s and it's real and we have to speak up now. For us for our families for future generations for the human race, it's no joke guys. Please do your own research as much as you can and start talking and talking and don't stop the social media stay on all of it and you start flooding the social media. With this we have a chance if we start to wake up more people. It'S with the greatest love and peace. I tell you this and I'm happy to talk about other topics and subjects and I'll give you these references that I have so tell me what you think and please speak up. Okay, have a beautiful day.