What If You Ate 5 EGGS A Day For 30 Days?

Hello Health Champions. Today we're going to talk about what would happen if you were to eat five eggs a day every day for 30 days or even the rest of your life. Then we have to understand that quality makes a big difference. There are all these different classifications there caged and cage-free free-range pasture-raised some are certified humane organic and others are not and pasteurized. What does all this mean?
Well caged is the cheapest and the worst they're just abiding by the minimum requirement of the law and I would stay away from it. Basically, the first three categories cage-free are a little bit better they're out of cages but they can still be crammed in together and never see the light of day. Free range sounds really positive right they're out on the range but in reality, this is where there's the most considerable confusion because in some cases these hens and chickens could actually be raised under pretty good conditions but on the other hand free range simply means that they have access theoretical access to the outside so you could have this huge huge building with a tiny little opening over at one end and there's thousands and thousands of birds and they've been raised under artificial lights our official conditions. But then there's this little hole at the end of the building and theoretically, they could peak their head out, and then they have access and it's free range but the vast majority of these birds would never see the light of day. So my minimum standard is pasture raised which doesn't mean much in itself unless it's accompanied by one of these two if it's pasteurized and certified humane then they have to have at least 108 square feet and now you know that these birds live outside they come in to spend the night but these birds are actually pastured they're free-roaming they're foraging for food they're eating bugs and worms and things that hens and chickens are supposed to eat they also get sunlight and they get some exercise and movement so just like humans. That makes a big difference in your health now organic doesn't refer at all to the circumstances that's just the type of food organic means that all the feed is certified organic there are no pesticides in it but a lot of times. I would rather have a non-organic pasture raised than an organic free range because I trust that the birds that are walking outside are going to be healthier.