Why I Don’t Wear A Face Covering As A “Higher Risk” Person

Why I Don’t Wear A Face Mask

Hi, I’m Lauren Geertsen and I’m a coach who helps women heal their relationship with food and body image. I’m also someone who’s been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and this supposedly puts me in the higher risk category for contracting the current event.

I don’t wear a face covering, and I want to explain why.

The Medical Industry

The healthiest thing that ever happened to me was developing distrust in the medical industry.

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a very severe autoimmune disease. I did everything my doctors told me to do: I took the pills they prescribed, and then I took more pills for the side effects created by the first pills.

I swallowed a pharmacy every day but my disease got worse and worse. When I was 19, I was basically bedridden. At that point, my doctors told me that since the medications didn’t work, I would likely require surgery to remove a portion of my large intestine.

They also explained this isn’t a sure-fire fix, because what often happens is the disease progresses to previously unaffected tissue. So they would likely need to do additional surgery in the future to remove more parts of my colon.

This didn’t sound like a great solution to me, so I threw myself into researching holistic and alternative means of healing. Within a few months of starting a dietary protocol (8), I had no symptoms of my disease and stopped my medications. I was able to heal the disease that the medical industry told me was “incurable.”

I was 19 when I started to read scientific journals and research the limitations of mainstream medicine because I needed to save my own life. In that process, I learned that a lot of holistic approaches like nutrition and supplements are actually backed by scientific evidence.

I also learned disturbing things about the medical industry, and how unscientific and dangerous it can be, especially when influenced by politics and money (2, 3, 4). 

For example, I learned that 1.9 million people end up in the hospital each year from taking properly prescribed pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs are a major health risk and the 4th leading cause of death, according to Harvard’s Center for Ethics (5).

I also learned that the medical approaches that I started using when I was 14 were more effective in making my health worse in the long-term than ever healing me.

I learned that the medical industry was completely misguided with their 50-year “war on cholesterol” and the medications and approaches they advised for high cholesterol tended to worsen people’s health (6, 7).

I learned that the CDC and U.S. government promoted false nutrition science for over 30 years, based on financial influence, and that their nutrition guidance still conflicts with much of the scientific literature (8, 9).

I started to realize how ironic it was that so many people take pharmaceutical drugs assuming they are safe and effective while thinking that natural interventions and herbalism are dangerous and ineffective.

A Scientific Outlook

I learned that having a scientific outlook is much more complex than “believing doctors and experts.” It turns out that science isn’t neutral, it’s a commodity that can now be bought and sold and often upholds the biases and worldview of the time.

For example, it was once a “scientific fact” that white people were superior to black people, and a “scientific fact” that men were superior to women. It once was a “scientific fact” that homosexuality was a mental disorder. It was also once “scientific” that cigarettes were safe— in fact, doctors were recommending them! (10).

In order to make truly scientific choices about our health, we must examine the historical, financial, and political biases that shape mainstream science. It’s actually not scientific to unquestioningly accept the data and statistics that the majority of experts are promoting.

The medical industry never saved me — saying so would be Stockholm Syndrome. It made my health progressively worse all the while convincing me that it was my only savior. if you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship you know this dynamic.

In the end, I had to save myself by digging up sources of science and history that weren’t available on the first page of Google.

The truth is rarely available on the first page of google. You have to put in a bit more time and energy than that if you want to be healthy and flourish in today’s society. 

Health Freedom

Given all of that, it’s really important for me to make choices about my health and my body based not on the mainstream narrative about health, but based on my own research abilities. 

I have done my own research about wearing facial coverings and I’ve found that they are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. This is according to peer-review studies and many experts who are being banned from sharing their views on social media platforms because their data and findings conflict with the mainstream narrative. (11, 12, 13, 14, 15).

 I agree with what Del Bigtree, an investigative journalist, said about us not having great science on this:

“I can refute your crappy science with some less crappy science. because the truth is that no one ever thought about masking the planet earth so no one’s done a study on it.”

He continues to explain that we researched how the average person uses a face covering and touches their face all the time or doesn’t wash the face-covering frequently. (13).

Some people think that the safest and best thing to do is just err on the side of caution and wear masks, but that’s a logical fallacy to assume that approach is free of negative consequences and health risks. There are unknown health risks of breathing in your mask air for 8 hours a day, as well as the risks of acquiescing our bodily autonomy in the face of pseudoscientific recommendations.

Health is not just a matter of looking up information, it’s a matter of knowing how to question the sources of that information, and the political and financial and psychological factors at play.

My career has been shaped in a very unique way where it’s centered around researching mind control, health politics, and immune system function for the last 8 years. All of those pieces came together for me around the issue of face coverings. I feel confident in the decisions I’m making in my own health.

Common Responses

I’ve had people tell me online, “Well I have a degree in public health or a Ph.D. in this-and-that and I’m telling you that face coverings are important.” Here’s the thing: I respect your experience and education and I respect you. I simply don’t have blind trust in the system which provided you with that education. 

I’ve also had people tell me online that my choice is selfish because I’m choosing personal convenience over the well-being of others. I understand why they have this opinion but I don’t agree with it.

This approach is a red herring fallacy, which is a seemingly believable but ultimately irrelevant diversionary tactic. Ascribing negative intentions to me diverts the discussion away from using data and evidence to support their point. 

This is something that I’ve seen on both sides of this argument. I’ve seen people who are against face coverings say that those who wear them are “ignorant sheeple.” This is kindergarten name-calling, and it doesn’t get us anywhere. I think people will feel much safer and willing to engage in these important discussions if we stick with rational, information-based conversations.

I’ve also had people tell me online, “My loved one or relative has died from this! Put on a face covering, this is no joke!”

First, my lack of fear does not indicate my lack of empathy. I completely understand you want me to do everything in my power to keep your family and loved ones safe.

In fact, I wake up every day taking actionable steps to do that. I educate about the carcinogenic chemicals that are added to our soil, water, and air. I educate about the dangerous beauty standard that keeps so many women treating their bodies in unhealthy ways. I educate about the shady politics and dangers of the medical industry, and I help people find hope and empowerment around their health that the medical industry fails to provide.

Based on my research and lived experience, these approaches appear to be far more effective than putting a covering over my mouth in terms of helping keep others healthy and safe.

The Greatest Health Risk of the Century?

Many people think that the current event isn’t the greatest health threat of the 21st century. They point to statistics that show 10 million people die from cancer a year (16) — deaths that could likely be reduced by having better regulations around toxic chemicals in our environment. They say 9 million people die from preventable starvation (17).

I actually think that the current event is one of the greatest health threats of the century.… because it’s eroding the freedoms we have about making choices about our bodies and lifestyles.

It’s also ushering in unprecedented levels of censorship around scientific data and expert opinions that conflict with the mainstream narrative. If we lose the right to access and debate scientific data and make autonomous choices about our health, we lose our right to health.

Here’s the other thing, since I learned that facial coverings are ineffective in many cases, and I don’t use them while I go about my business, there is a chance I might contract the current event.

There are three primary reasons why I’m ok with that. 

First, I learned that for most healthy people, especially under the age of 70, getting the event is not life-threatening (18).

Second, the statistics around the current event deaths are often inaccurate and likely to be over-counted (19).

Third, I’ve also learned that data suggests hydroxychloroquine with zinc and a common antibiotic and vitamin D is a very effective treatment (20, 21, 22) I know there is a lot of misassumptions about this based on a study published in the Lancet about the dangers of using that treatment. Many people don’t know that the study was shortly retracted because it was based on falsified data (23).

There was also a recent study that shows this medication is ineffective in treating the current event. However, that study was funded by Brazil’s largest pharmaceutical company. This raises the question about any incentives to suggest this non-patented (and therefore less profitable) medication isn’t effective, because they might stand to make a larger profit with a future injective pharmaceutical (if you get my drift) (24).

I also know that death is the risk of life, and I have access to a lot of very powerful tools for my immune system. 

The media has conditioned us to see the current event as some impenetrable force and using any alternative or preventative therapies for it is like putting a lawn sprinkler on a forest fire. This isn’t true. If you look to scientific literature, you find a wealth of research on the power of vitamin therapy and dietary interventions to address viruses and support the immune system (25, 26, 27, 28, 29)

The medical industry and media tend to position autoimmune diseases, cancers, autism, and depression as incurable but there are thousands and thousands of people out there who have cured these diseases through dietary, supplement, mindset, and lifestyle changes. I am one of them. 

I believe that one of the reasons so many people are advocating for facial coverings is because they want to feel like they have control over their health at a time when there’s so much uncertainty. Using a facial covering can provide the sense that you’re protecting yourself and others. The bad news is the research is suggesting that’s not true. The good news is that you do have a lot of control over your health through other means.

There’s a lot of research on using vitamins and supplements for addressing viruses. There are also dietary interventions that have powerful immune-modulating effects by addressing the gut flora, where 80% of our immune system is located. (See sources linked above.)

One of the most powerful practices I have for my immune system is a gratitude and mindset practice. Our mindset is largely responsible for determining the state of our nervous system, whether we are in fight or flight (sympathetic) or parasympathetic mode. In parasympathetic all the healing processes of the body turn on. But stress, fear, and anxiety tend to shift the body into fight-or-flight, increasing stress hormones and decreasing our immune system function long-term. (30, 31)

This is not some fluffy “lifestyle” suggestion to reduce your stress — this is Physiology 101, it’s how the human body works. More and more science is showing how our mind plays a fundamental role in the function of our body and immune system.


I also want to mention that I’ve never been harassed for not wearing a facial covering, and I’m in Washington state where they are mandated in public areas. Only once was I asked by a store clerk to wear a facial covering, and I just said, “I have a health condition, thanks for understanding,” and we went about our day.

My energy around not wearing a facial covering is that of self-respect and non-violence. The cool thing about the energy that we embody is it tends to be the energy we attract. So, my interactions about not wearing a facial covering have been respectful and nonviolent.

Why I Made This Video

I wanted to share my perspective to provide support and options for others who may be wrestling with the face-covering issue. I also hope that you might find renewed strength and curiosity to support your own health journey. 

I started my website Empowered Sustenance 8 years ago when I first healed myself because I wanted to help other people empower and sustain their health in the same ways I had. If this video resonates with you, I ask that you share it because I think this it’s calming and grounding information to circulate right now. Thank you for watching and thank you for sharing.

I wish you courage and grounding and most of all, I wish you a sense in your soul that you are made for times like these.

Additional Resources

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Another helpful video disseminating the research on face coverings — this is like Face Masks 101 education.

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on religious beliefs. So, many people suggest that if it’s against your religion to use a face covering, businesses can’t discriminate. Here’s a Religious Exemption Card from wearing a face covering. One does not need to be part of a religious organization to have their religious beliefs protected by law.

StandForHealthFreedom.com is a resource to contact elected officials to preserve our health and human rights during the current event.

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