You Can Heal Yourself

You Can Heal Yourself

How to Heal YourselfHi I'm Laura Conover MD the intuition physician and I want to share a video with you today but I'm just going to record really quick because I was just talking to an extremely close friend of mine about this exact issue. It's about how you heal yourself not the doctor not the acupuncturist or the chiropractor or the herbalist but you. Most patients have this feeling that like that it's the medicine that they take or their concern what supplement should I take and they're really focused and fixated on the particular supplement or particular diet or a particular surgical intervention or whatever modality they're. They're debating whether or not to do and really wanted it to know does that and will that heal me and that's generally what people ask me about.

When they do medical consultations with me they want to know my intuitive take is this surgery going to work or what supplement should I go on and I love doing that work but what I really want to explain first before we choose the supplement or decide what medicine we're gonna take or what surgical option or what other holistic modality we're going to choose. It is just starting off on the basis of knowing that you heal yourself every time you're soul inhabiting your body and bringing that power of well-being through it is what physically heals your body every single time. For example, when you have a cut and say a physician comes in and approximates the edges together of the wound and sews you together so you have sutures that are holding the wound shut are you healed because you have sutures in place. No the sutures are holding it in place and doctors are relying on your body to heal itself so you're the one your body on a cellular level is going to go and clear out the inflammatory response and make the connective tissue threads reapproximate the wound and create new tissue that is whole and your body's the one that's going to re-establish the skin barrier.

Your body is the one that's going to reestablish new blood flow to that tissue and your body is the one that's going to heal that cut and that wound. Your body's repairing and all healing modalities are that way. Oh, all healing modalities are there to support you while you heal. So if you break your bone there are no amount of casts or pins or plates that physicians or surgeons can put into you and on you that can heal your bone until your body heals the bone and heals the fracture and makes your bone repaired. All interventions are that way and what's important about really understanding that is that gives you the power because if you're the one that heals yourself and it doesn't so much matter which modality then it becomes your choice physicians surgeons all health practitioners rely on your body to heal itself. If I put an antibiotic on board then that antibiotic might be disrupting the bacterial replication slowing down the process even holding it at bay.

Wow, the patient's body heals itself the patient's body needs to come in and clear out the old bacterial disease the patient's body needs to clear out the inflammatory response. The patient has to establish a new healthy immune equilibrium and establish a new tissue in replace of the obsessed or diseased tissue in their body. It's not the antibiotic coming in and clearing it out and then putting health in you. The antibiotic at best is holding things at bay while you do all of it and so I want you to know that every practitioner you're ever gonna work with is relying on you to heal yourself. You are self-healing and that's the point is that your self-healing organism you just are by the fact that you're alive right now listening to this video I know that you're a self-healing organism and that is really my goal when I run my health flow unleash online health class is to sort of walk people through this whole thought process of yourself healing and these are some of the ways that you get in the way and mess it up and here are some of the ways that you're more empowered than you think. You're more in control of this than you think and you're actually closer to health and healing and well-being than you really think no matter what's going on with your physical body and that's the course I run online.  if you're interested in really understanding this on a deeper level and cementing it into your understanding to the point where this is second nature for you when you approach a medical decision then I urge you and encourage you to work with me through my health flow unleash course. I hope this video has been helpful in just explaining to you how you are the healer and I don't want you to give anybody else credit for your healing.

I don't want you when you take a pill or a supplement or an herb to think that's what fixed me because it did not you fixed yourself that may have been the pathway to align with healing and you're the healer. Okay if you can sit with that and know that then the whole process becomes so much more empowering and smooth because sure you can heal through medication or surgical intervention or an herb or alignment or an adjustment or a massage or time just time or prayer. You can align with healing through all those ways and not need to really understand how it works and it's gonna work anyway but the problem with that is that you're going to attribute your healing to that modality and become dependent on that modality and that's what often happens in medicine. Someone comes and they feel like that's what fixed them and I am here to say to you that did not fix you you use that modality to reach well-being on your own you're the one who healed your body self healed and with some help at most okay. I hope that's empowering for you. I'd like to see you back on my blog soon thank you so much.

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