Cacao Vs Cocoa Know The Secret Difference

Cacao Vs Cocoa Know The Secret Difference


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Hello people. I’ve got 2 items with me here. This one nearly fell. This is Terrafertil’s brand of organic cacao powder and this one is Green & Black’s brand of cocoa powder, so we are talking cacao v cocoa. Are they the same? Nope. They are not the same. Do you want to know the difference? You stick around and I will tell you the difference shortly. In a world awash with danger and stress, the one thing you mustn't ignore is your health. No ifs, No buts. Hop on the driving seat and take absolute control of your health with a little help from a friend…Please welcome Dr. Joe Hello, welcome back. I am Dr. Joe. So, what’s the difference between cacao and cocoa? The difference between this and this. The difference lies with the P-word. What’s the P-word? Processing, processing. That’s the difference between the two.

One is highly processed and the other isn’t. If you remember in one of the videos I did, I talked about how cacao beans are transformed into cacao products as well as cocoa products. In that video, I talked about how the cacao beans are dried, fermented and cold-pressed and that’s how you get cocoa products. Now for you to get cocoa products, processing has to come into play. How does that work? How do you get cocoa products from cocoa beans? Like I said before (this is a cocoa product) the difference lies with processing because after the cocoa beans have been cold-pressed, they are then heated and roasted. Okay, they are heated and roasted. Now that is some serious processing. Those high temperatures affect the nutritional value of the product. So, if you are talking about which of these products, cacao and cocoa products have nutritional superiority, it is definitely this – Cacao. Cacao products are better. Cacao products are better.

Because when the cacao beans have been heated and roasted, they also get alkalinized. Okay, the heating gives them a lighter flavor and a lighter color and indeed when you taste these 2 items – the cacao product and the cocoa product, you will see the difference. The cocoa products are lighter in flavor and they are lighter in color. So, that’s essentially the difference between the two. There are other groups of products, for instance, this one – a hot chocolate powder that you can make an instant drink with. These are further processed down the line and of course, the nutritional value diminishes the more processed a product is. What am I talking about? I’m talking about things like preservatives being added to the cocoa powder, not in this but this likes a hot chocolate drink. Preservatives, you have dairy added, you’ve got sugar added, some of them actually have trans-fat oils added, okay.

So, you’ve got preservatives, dairy, sugar and trans-fat oils added Different products have different quantities of these. Some of them don’t have trans-fat oils because it is a little bit illegal these days to be adding trans-fat oils because trans-fat oils are dangerous to people’s health This one I’ve got here, this is a Cadbury brand of instant hot chocolate. Guess how much sugar we’ve got in here? We’ve got 61 gm of sugar in 100 gm of this product. Essentially every spoonful you take, it’s got about 61% of it made up of sugar.

Hmmm, not ideal. So, you’ve got all these 3 products – original cacao powder, cocoa powder and instant hot chocolate, they are all there for you to choose from Right, this will be my order of preference. This organic cacao powder is great and nutritionally superior of all three, followed by this cocoa powder. It is processed but it hasn’t got a lot of additives in it. This is the worst, okay. This one is the worst. If you want to stay away from any of them, this is the one to stay away from. So, we’ve got 3 different products originating from the same source but have different nutritional status all because of processing. You already know my preference. It’s this one – cacao powder because it’s got the carbs, the fat, the proteins, the minerals, the vitamins all intact because it’s not processed Followed by this, the cocoa powder.

It’s processed but it’s okay. I will use it. Followed by this. For me, it’s a NO, because you are just eating for pleasure. Nutritionally, I don’t think, it’s not ideal for your health, put it that way. Now why do you eat all these products anyway, why on earth do you eat them? Is it just for pleasure? Probably not. You have to consume them for their health benefits and I have talked about the health benefits on my website The link is provided in the description, just follow it You going to like what you see there.

Go through there, read it, enjoy yourself. One more thing: By the way, if you’ve used any of these products – cacao, cocoa, instant hot chocolate, whatever cacao products you’ve used in the last 6 months, just leave a comment below. Let me know what you think about them. And that’s it, where’s the ball? I’ll see you next time because there’s more to talk about. So, take care….

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