The 3.5 Billion Year Old Superfood – Spirulina

The 3.5 Billion Year Old Superfood - Spirulina

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Health is life's most precious asset. The Human Body is made up of more than 60 trillion cells. To keep these cells alive and healthy we need to be well supplied with quality water sufficient, oxygen and a balanced mix of nutrients. While water and oxygen are indispensable to our survival a balanced nutrition is vital in preserving good health. Balanced nutrition is a blend of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many people have neglected the importance of nutritional balance and they pay high prices losing their health. Let's take a look at what is happening around us in a hectic society of constant activity. People are always on the move and in rush. Meals are often made up of convenient foods that are highly processed and high in acidity. Over time this extent of acidity can lead to many disorders such as stress chronic indigestion loss of concentration irritability and arthritis conditions.

Without a balanced nutrition, our bodies cannot function properly or repair damaged tissues. This causes incomplete absorption of nutrients leading to the loss of nutrients from our food intake. Inevitably our physical constitution will become increasingly acidic and eventually succumb to endless lists of health disorders.

Spirulina is good news to everyone in today's society. Spirulina contains a full spectrum of nutrients and has exceptional ability in enhancing ourselves absorption power. It effectively speeds up the absorption of nutrients while fortifying the body's immune system and as such help maintain an optimal state of physical well-being. Spirulina the Miraculous resource and drug by mother nature.

What is Spirulina? Some billion years ago flourishing deep in the pristine oceans existed a microorganism over time this microorganism survived countless environmental changes and withstood the harshness of ultraviolet rays and until now it has persevered and is going from strength to strength through its life force and the natural antioxidant it contains as these earliest form of Eco algae took the shape of a spiral they become known as blue algae or Spirulina the world's Number-one prehistoric vegetable.

The discovery of Spirulina was seen as the answer to the world concern about the traditional shortage which has been trivalent since world war two. It was no wonder then that Spirulina attracted worldwide interest its natural goodness has since been recognized and you will enjoy an amount of beta-Carotene equivalent to the supply in 550 apples or 20 glasses of milk an amount of Vitamin B1 equivalent to the supply in 16 Sardines or 20 green chillies an amount of Vitamin B2 equivalent to the supply in 47 strawberries or 420 grapes an amount of vitamin C, or vitamin D3 equivalent to the supply in eight lemons. An Amount of Vitamin B6 equivalent to the supply in 90 grams of bread or four stalks of asparagus an Amount of Vitamin E equivalent to the supply in seven glasses of milk or five pieces of chicken that is also the world's richest source of Vitamin B12 but an amount of times more than supplied by Cows liver and as such it's ideal for vegetarians.

Spirulina has more than 60% protein content and is the highest and the most easily digestible source of protein known. It contains all the 9 essential amino acids and is a very good source of antioxidants. There are proven clinical benefits of Spirulina in reducing cholesterol and strengthening immunity. Spirulina is a microscopic alga, which is emerging as an important new food. It is one of Nature's original life-forms which has been hidden for over 3 billion years in the microecology of the world's lakes and oceans.

Spirulina has been selected from the thousands of algae species to become a world food because of its high nutritional value this specially designed cultivation on circulated by paddlewheel grow a pure culture of Spirulina. Absorbing light from the Sun the Spirulina cells grow rapidly producing oxygen which bubbles to the surface. Within 3 to 5 days Spirulina can double and harvesting occurs daily during the growing season. Because of this super productivity and because Spirulina is 65 percent protein higher than any natural food these plants can yield 20 times more protein per acre than Soybean?

Is this impact on human food resources that makes Earth rise farms a farm of the future? It represents the next agricultural revolution successful cultivation begins in the Earthrise laboratory. The expansion process starts with a selection of one of the pure cultures which are maintained by staff microbiologist. Outdoor cultivation begins in small pond modules where the environmental factors can be closely monitored. As the cultures grow then they are transferred to starter ponds. Expert ecological management develops two balanced pond ecology which is necessary for Rapid Growth?

The culture is then transferred to successively larger pond finally filling the main production on each pond shows a varying density of Spirulina. The ponds are filled with fresh water more waters added each day to compensate for evaporation. Nutrients which are also added to the pond are efficiently utilized by the growing Spirulina? Balanced pond ecology does not require pesticides or herbicides which are never used by Earthrise. Farms samples are taken daily from each pond to check the density growth rate and nutrient balance these samples are then analyzed in the laboratory and the results processed so that timely decisions can be made since Spirulina cultures can change in a matter of hours. All environmental biological and nutrient data is integrated so that proper nutrient additions and harvesting can be determined.

Spirulina occurring in natural lakes experiences periods of intense growth and then dies back when nutrients are exhausted. Earthrise farms are able to maintain optimum growth all season long with precise and continuous aquatic management for the highest quality product. Paddle wheels continually mix the ponds to assure an optimum distribution of nutrients sunlight and live Spirulina. When the ponds reach a high density the growth rate slows and it is time to harvest. Several of the ponds are ready for harvesting each day. Dense pond culture is pumped into the harvested plant through this system of pipes. After harvesting the pond water with its valuable nutrients is recycled back into the pond to sustain continuous growth inside the harvested plant. Any debris or aquatic insects are removed in the first stage of processing. Next stainless steel dewatering equipment separates the microfilaments of Spirulina from the pond water.

The concentrated Spirulina is then washed with fresh water we filtered and pumped to the dryer. The automatic harvest and drying operations are directed from this central control room. The Spirulina paste is instantly spray dried like powdered milk inside this 60-foot high drying tower. Rapid drying preserves maximum nutritional value. No, additives or preservatives are required to stabilize the protein-rich powder. 15 minutes after harvesting begins the Spirulina has become a fine dry powder which can be stored indefinitely. It is packed daily under the strictest food grade conditions and each lot is tested by an independent laboratory to assure its purity and quality. This fine dark Green powder is the final product. The pure Powder can be added to a variety of recipes to enhance the nutritional value of the food.

Pure Spirulina tablets are also a convenient form of this versatile high protein and vitamins food supplement. Today conventional agricultural methods exhaust the soil and waste scarce freshwater. Virgin Wilderness is being destroyed a man's relentless search for new food producing areas. Microalgae production offers a way to break this degenerative food production cycle. The experience and knowledge gained from Earthwise farms will result in simpler aquaculture forms and lower production cost it will become an appropriate technology for the third world. Spirulina conservation can convert nonfertile land and unusable water for production of urgently needed protein. Nutrient resources are more efficiently utilized in growing Spirulina than conventional food. Spirulina represents a major breakthrough in food productivity. Agricultural ecology it is a solution which is also a return to the origins of life.

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