Nootropics – What Are They?


Most of us probably never heard of the term nootropics but if studies are to be believed it is one of the best medical discoveries that help enhance the cognitive function particularly intelligence memory and focus on healthy individuals also known as smart drugs. Nootropics are one of the popular supplements for individuals suffering from anxiety stress and other aspects of their life. Think of it as a pill that could speed up your thought process boost your memory and make you more productive.
To get really technical in order to be a nootropic a substance must meet five criteria set by doctor Corneliu Giurgea the man who coined the term nootropic. The substance must enhance learning and memory. Enhanced learned behaviors under disruptive conditions protect the brain from chemical and physical assaults such as anticholinergic drugs and barbiturates. Enhance the tonic cortical subcontrol mechanisms of the brain. Possess few or no side-effects and be virtually non-toxic. Yes, even the idea of a drug possessing all of the above abilities may sound absurd but the reality is that they exist. The ones that fulfill this exact definition but finding that miracle pill that does what it promises is a complicated task one that needs knowledge about the best nootropics stacks available in the market.

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