Creating a Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind and Spirit

Creating a Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind and Spirit

No matter how high up on the evolutionary ladder we are, we are still ruled by our bodies. How we treat the body greatly affects how we think and how spirited are we. “Your body is a temple” might be a cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Those who neglect to worship their personal temples will never achieve the mental and emotional stability they crave. Building a path to that stability is hard work and it starts with how you handle your body.

Research Says That Gut Bacteria Is A Major Cause Of Obesity

Research Says That Gut Bacteria Is A Major Cause Of Obesity

Whether you are fat or thin may be a family trait, but not just through the inheritance of poor eating habits and a tradition of second helpings. But, before you jump to conclusions, this is not your typical story about genetics and if you want to avoid degenerative disease – I suggest you carefully read this story.

Do You Have Life Balance?

Do You Have Life Balance? (Take This Quiz)

Do you ever ask yourself the question, what is life balance? And who has it?

I used to ask myself that question all the time and I have finally come up with an answer that is suitable for me.

I think of my life being in balance when I make my self-care needs number one and when I make myself a priority while serving others.

I know I feel imbalance when I am in reaction, drama and regret rather than being in a neutral space as things come up in my life.

My dear teacher and friend Patricia K write: “If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy, life can feel like a three-ring circus.

Mitochondria 101 eGuide

Learn the critical role mitochondria play in disease

Get Dr. Jay Davidson’s powerful eGuide, Mitochondria 101: The Basics You Need To Know, and learn about the critical role mitochondria play in nearly every disease. —>>Click here to download your free eGuide about mitochondria! In the past two decades, mitochondria have been identified as signaling organelles that contribute to cell proliferation, death, and differentiation.

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Nootropic Supplements

Top 13 Nootropic Supplements to Sharpen Mind and Mood

If you want a nutritional supplement to enhance your brain function — short-term memory, focus, creativity, mood, or motivation — look for a nootropic. The term nootropic comes from the Greek root words nóos (mind) and tropé (turning). Natural nootropics can help older adults stay sharp, students who want to improve their memory for upcoming exams, or busy workers who need a boost of creativity.

Is Melatonin Safe? Benefits, Side Effects, and Alternatives

Is Melatonin Safe? Benefits, Side Effects, and Alternatives

In the quest for a good night’s sleep, some people turn to melatonin as a useful ally. Although your body produces this sleep hormone naturally, some people take melatonin in a supplement form. But is melatonin safe?

Whether you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, melatonin may seem like a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter sleeping pills. While melatonin is generally safe for short-term use, taking it regularly over the long-term may worsen your sleep problems. Read on to find out why.

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