How Mercury Kills the Brain ~ Autism

Mercury has long been known to be a potent neurotoxin substance, whether it is inhaled or consumed in the diet. As a food contaminant, over the past 15 years, medical research laboratories have established that dental amalgam tooth fillings are a major contributor to mercury body burden. In 1997, a team of research scientists demonstrated that mercury vapor inhalation by animals produced a molecular lesion in brain protein metabolism, which was similar to a lesion seen in 80 % of Alzheimer’s disease brains.


Lymphatic Massage To Boost Your Immune System

You may have heard the concept of a lymphatic massage is a good thing to strengthen your immune system. A lot of people seem to be doing this these days, but you might be unconvinced that it can actually benefit your immune system. It is just a simple massage after all.

For you to understand how a lymphatic massage can help to boost your immune system it is important that you are aware of what your lymphatic system does. If this is all new to you then maybe you have heard of lymph nodes before?

Juicing for Healthy Weight Loss

Juicing for Healthy Weight Loss

Juicing has become extremely popular with many people for either losing weight, or for maintaining healthy weight levels. If you start juicing daily, think of it as a healthy lifestyle habit, rather than a diet. The word diet tends to have negative effects on many “dieters”, whereas, if your daily juicing is seen as part of your meal plan you can expect to see better weight loss results. You won’t feel the need to break your diet for a treat, as you won’t be on a diet per se.

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