Biggest fat loss mistakes

Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes

Sometimes it is the simple things that we make the most complex. We make it confusing and difficult to execute not because it is, but rather because it’s a way of distracting us from the goal. Acknowledgment of this behavior is critical. Next step is simplify the strategy.   View this post on Instagram  

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Fermented Foods: The Definitive Guide To Fermented Foods

Our ancestors were utilizing fermentation to preserve their food before refrigeration, but we now know that fermentation doesn’t just extend our access to food for longer time periods, it also has incredible health benefits. Unsurprisingly, those health benefits are the reason that adding fermented foods to our diet is an important part of the Autoimmune Protocol. In this guide we’ll be exploring everything “fermented foods” and making sure you can make informed choices about adding them to your diet.

Build Muscle For Longevity

Lose Weight, Boost Brain Health & LIVE LONGER

You may be surprised to learn that muscle is our body’s largest organ. The healthier your muscle is, the more glucose, carbohydrates, and fat you burn—and the healthier your resting metabolic rate, which is important for brain health. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon discusses how to optimize body composition through diet and exercise… Dr. Chatterjee regularly appears

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