This Colorful Spice Can Help Treat Anxiety and Depression

Saffron has a centuries-old history as a much sought after herb with healing properties. Kings, queens, pharaohs, and monks used saffron in their food and drinks, baths, during prayers and to scent their beds.2 In the Middle Ages, saffron was so highly prized, those who sold adulterated saffron were imprisoned and harshly punished.

Given saffron’s high price, it’s good to know that in cooking, a “little goes a long way.” For most recipes, a pinch of soaked, dried and crushed saffron threads will do the trick — 1 teaspoon of saffron threads equals about a one-eighth teaspoon of ground saffron. In addition to its culinary uses, saffron also has a number of valuable health benefits.

Did This Scientist Develop a Cure for COVID-19

Did This Scientist Develop a Cure for COVID-19?

Jacob Glanville, Ph.D., a self-described “entrepreneur, inventor and computational immuno-engineer”1 featured in the Netflix docuseries “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak,”2 claims to have developed a viable cure for COVID-19 that will soon undergo testing by the U.S. military.

Glanville, founding partner and CEO of a biotech company called Distributed Bio, and a group of employees began working on a treatment January 25, 2020. According to the company’s website:3

Baking Soda Uses

9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Make Baking Soda Part of Your Routine

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a versatile, eco-friendly substance that could clean everything from your teeth to your oven safely and effectively? That could gently soothe your skin and freshen the air in your home? Well, this amazing substance exists, and you probably have a box of it in your kitchen cabinet right now. It’s baking soda, and it has an incredible variety of personal and household uses.

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