How We Can Fix This Pandemic In A Month

If we act on the data showing that it is highly probable that vitamin D can save lives, we could fix this pandemic in a month, for perhaps $2 per person. There would be no significant adverse effects. If we wait for “evidence” that vitamin D mitigates the impact of COVID-19, thousands more will die. If we could arrange to give everyone vitamin D, and it failed to protect them, so what? The risk of not acting is much greater than the risk of acting. Dosage is important and generally misunderstood.

6 At-Home Workouts That Will Keep You Moving

6 At-Home Workouts That Will Keep You Moving

Staying active during stressful times is more important than ever for our mental and physical health. Scientists have long known the connection between exercise and the myriad health benefits. Now a new study finds that those who stayed active during the coronavirus quarantine reported lower levels of stress and depression compared to those who reduced activity.

The Vitamin D Level to Reach Before Second Wave of COVID-19

As reviewed in “Vitamin D Level Is Directly Correlated to COVID-19 Outcomes,” there’s compelling evidence to suggest optimizing your vitamin D level can reduce your risk of COVID-19 and other viral infections such as seasonal influenza.

A number of different scientists are calling for people and governments to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 come fall, both in the U.S. and abroad.1 Considering SARS-CoV-2 has been shown to be responsive to temperature and humidity, with infectiousness increasing with lower temperatures and humidity levels, we’re likely going to see a reemergence of COVID-19 infections in the fall, during normal influenza season.

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