Prepare for Massive Brainwashing Campaign

Billions of dollars have been invested in vaccine development, and one would be foolish to imagine these companies and investors are not going to do everything in their power to turn COVID-19 into a profit maker, and that may well include the use of force.

Ashwagandha linked to BETTER quality sleep and less anxiety

Ashwagandha linked to BETTER quality sleep and less anxiety

Ashwagandha, a prominent herb in traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda, continues to gain support from the medical community as studies find how beneficial the herb is for overall wellbeing and health. Previous studies have found the herb helps reduce cortisol levels and boosts testosterone levels in humans, and now researchers have found evidence the herb is linked to better quality sleep and reduced anxiety.


Toxic teeth

Hi, I’m Charlie brown in 2010 with the negotiations for a new treaty on mercury about to begin consumers for dental choice helped create a new international coalition, so we could speak united with one voice at the table. It was the world alliance for mercury, free, dentistry. My colleagues elected me, president of the world alliance.

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