8 Dimensions Of Holistic Wellness Checklist

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Physical Wellness

Refers to the wellness of the physical human body
□ Ability to perform well and at peak levels in everyday life
□ Healthy weight
□ General fitness and strength to do everyday tasks
□ High level of energy to face the day
□ Controlling stress and its effects
□ Understanding the importance of physical activity
□ Choosing to eat a healthy diet
□ Taking steps to ensure quality sleep
□ Respecting and taking care of
your body
□ Making healthy choices regarding sexuality, drugs, and drinking
□ Carefully considering what you put inside your body
□ Listening to your body and learning to identify its needs

Mental Wellness Mental-Wellmess

Refers to the wellness of mind and mental abilities
□ Developing a way of thinking that promotes mental wellness
□ Positive thinking and outlook
□ Clarity
□ Firm understanding
□ Motivation
□ Acceptance
□ Mental strength
□ Confidence
□ Inner peace and calm
□ Promoting creative abilities
□ Expanding personal skills
□ Having a strong curiosity and a
desire to learn
□ Being inspired by new ideas and sharing them with others
□ Discovering challenges, rising above barriers and utilizing strategies
□ Being able to engage in lucid and clear thinking
□ The ability to think independently
□ The ability to think critically
□ Having optimal focus, concentration, and memory
□ Maintaining a healthy level of mental fitness and practicing preventive measures against depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders

Emotional Wellness Emotional-Wellness

Refers to feelings, mood, emotions self-attitude and their management
□ Developing positive emotional responses
□ Deliberate action to maintain a healthy level of emotional health General attitudes towards self
□ Confidence and self-control
□ A healthy level of self-esteem and self-respect
□ General happiness and contentment
□ Seeking inner peace
□ Practicing compassion for yourself and others
□ Managing stress successfully so it has less of an impact on the emotional
□ Mastering emotions, instead of them controlling you
□ The ability to identify and appropriately express feelings
□ Effectively coping with relationships, including family, romantic and work
□ Appropriate coping skills to respond resiliently to emotional states
□ Remaining calm and centered
□ Identifying and dealing with your own character defects
□ Understanding how your thoughts, behavior, and feelings affect you and others around you
□ Being responsible for your own actions
□ Having a profound sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance
□ Developing as a person and evolving in your personal growth

Wellness of the Spirit Wellness-Of-The-Spirit

Refers to when our actions, thoughts, and emotions are in a state of balance
□ Cultivating a mindset and way of life that promotes peace, harmony and balanced development in all areas of life and self
□ Contentment
□ Understanding and respecting your personal needs
□ Ensuring your spiritual needs get the right
amount of focus and attention
□ Learning to let go off and deal competently with fears and worries
□ Learning to stay in the moment
□ Practicing gratitude
□ Learning and appreciating who you really are
□ Practicing introspection and self-awareness
□ Feeling connected to the universe
□ Achieving a healthy level of satisfaction and happiness in your life
□ Having a zest for life and living
□ Living each day to its fullest
□ Seeking out that which brings the most personal satisfaction and fulfillment
□ Seeking meaning, value, and purpose in your life
□ Encouraging personal faith while
incorporating a set of personal values and beliefs that define who you are and your place in your community

Quality Of Life Quality-Of-Life

Refers to the level of complete balance and satisfaction in your overall life
□ Identify where quality is lacking
□ Investigate all areas of wellness and ensure that everything
receives a fair amount of attention, including home, work, and play
□ Making improvements to avoid feeling oppressed, suppressed and depressed
□ Identifying emotional, physical, relationship, and occupational issues that affect the quality of life
□ Enjoying each day to its fullest
□ Finding fulfillment and personal satisfaction in your daily life
□ Feeling energetic each morning and looking forward to the day
□ Creating a comfortable and healing home environment
□ Connecting with others
□ A healthy balance between work and play

Social And Relationships Social-And-Relationships-Wellness

Social wellness refers to human connections that facilitate a sense of belonging with other humans
□ The social and relationships dimension of wellness plays a critical role in achieving the highest level of wellbeing possible as relationships play a key role in how we feel and how we perceive our existence
□ Developing a sense of connection, belonging and support
□ Promoting a healthy environment and effective communication skills among community members
□ Being there for others and letting them take care of you
□ Basing relationships on commitment, trust, honesty, and respect
□ Having a supportive circle around you
□ Being there for the people you care about, as they are there for you
□ Finding a balance between your desires on a personal level and meeting the needs of your community
□ Contributing to the well-being of the community that facilitates a sense of personal growth and value

Environmental Wellness

Refers to the wellness of the world and the planet and your role in it  Environmental-Wellness
□ Having respect for the beauty and balance of nature
□ Maintaining a way of life that benefits from this balance and diminishes harm to the environment
□ Taking part in socially responsible activities to protect the environment
□ Protecting yourself from environmental hazards

Financial Wellness

Refers to the management of finances
□ Financial worries are one of the greatest contributors to stress on a societal level
□ Learning to successfully manage financial expenses
□ Doing everything possible to avoid financial stress
□ Taking time to plan and budget
□ Making any necessary changes whenever possible to improve financial situations
□ Accepting your financial limitations and living within your means

Occupational Wellness

Refers to career and job satisfaction, the balance between work, home and play, managing workplace stress, and forming healthy relationships with co-workers D:My WP BlogsBLOGSNatural Health RemediesWellness PLRArticles, Checklist, Laughter Report, And Put In Your Body ReportWell-PLR-Part1Well-PLR-Part1ChecklistChecklistImagesOccupational-Wellness.png
□ Being satisfied with the work you do
□ Taking steps to make changes or improvements in career choices as needed
□ Reaching a harmonious fit between who you are and what you’re called to do
□ Maintaining a balance between work, home, and play
□ Managing work-related stress
□ Ensuring a healthy work environment that is in line with your values
□ Maintaining healthy relationships
with co-workers