Eating more garlic and onions linked to a 79% drop in colorectal cancer risk

Eating more garlic and onions will equal more protection from dis-ease

According to this recent study, consuming high amounts of garlic, onions, and other allium vegetables resulted in a 79% lower risk of colorectal cancer compared to those who only consumed small amounts of these veggies.  Researchers pointed out that more is better.

The study included 833 patients who had colorectal cancer as well as 833 healthy controls that were matched by area of residence, sex, and age.  In general, the findings show that one of the best ways to prevent colorectal cancer is via lifestyle interventions, and dietary interventions prove to be quite effective.

Of course, additional lifestyle interventions will require more in-depth explorations in the future, according to researchers.  But, if you’ve been reading NaturalHealth365 for some time now, you know we talk a lot about how to improve the immune system to minimize the risk of any chronic disease.

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