Foods That Calm Anxiety and Reduce Stress

9 Foods That Calm Anxiety and Reduce Stress

They say you are what you eat, and when it comes to mental health, it’s truer than ever. Eating well not only lift your mood but also contributes to a happy, healthy brain. A plant-based diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and gluten-free whole grains can calm the body and mind. Vegans, in particular, report feeling less stress and anxiety than omnivores or meat-eaters.[4] If you’re looking to learn more about foods that reduce anxiety, read on.

How To Recover From Antibiotics

How To Recover From Antibiotics

Recently, I came down with a raging fever and a very sore throat. After a trip to Urgent Care, I received a diagnosis of tonsillitis (a tonsil infection) and given a prescription for antibiotics. I held off on taking the antibiotics for a couple of days, knowing that my body was doing important work and fighting off infection with the fever. I took vitamin C, got acupuncture, and rested. But when symptoms didn’t improve, I decided to take the antibiotics. 

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