Alkaline Water Ionizer Review 2016


Here's a review of the Best Water Ionizer

I was shocked when I first saw the price of Water Ionizers. Like many people I was curious about the health benefits, and what it could do for my health. However, the leading brand (we'll call it “KNGN”) was close to $4,000. Even the cheaper models were selling for $1,200 – $1,800. Were they made of Gold?

I had to wonder if the health benefits warranted the price tag. Perhaps they did, and maybe that's why these companies could continue to charge so much. But I had to think that greed was playing a part in price, and I was right. And some friends of mine and I are doing something about it.

Better Ionizer — Better Price

I consider one of my business partners to be a rare technology genius, one of the best in the world. So I was curious when he started to take apart the best-known ionizers. What would he say? He immediately noticed old technology and began making a list of a dozen ways in which they could all be improved – in performance, health benefits, longevity, etc. Then our manufacturing partners put together a design plan incorporating these improvements.

Now we've put together a new, more affordable water ionizer, whose technology is even better than the high priced models—the incredible Alive Water Ionizer! It's the result of taking the pros and cons of other ionizer brands to make a complete ionizer system available today. It leaves out the flaws of other brands (including charging people too much!)

Think about it: Why would you buy an older technology ionizer for twice the price, when you can buy a better model, with the latest advancements, for less? It doesn't make sense.

The Alive Water Ionizer is so much more than a simple water Ionizer and Purifier. It's a powerful new WATER HEALTH SYSTEM that's years ahead of the field. Before you purchase an air purifier anywhere else, READ THIS LETTER CAREFULLY. It could save you a lot of money and keep you from buying an ionizer that won't even do half of what you hope it will. Avoid that disappointment. Take a close look at the incredible NEW Alive Water Ionizer.

Here Are Some Of The Advanced Technologies
Found In the NEW Alive Water Ionizer

#1 FDA Approved “Safe Plastics” — This is the only ionizer sold in the U.S. I have seen that uses safe plastics for all parts that carry water.
#2 Extended Filter Life — 6,000 liters will last approx. 1 year. Most expensive ionizers last 6 months
#3 Filter Cost – $40 as compared to $110 for the top selling model
#4 RTI Distinct — This new electroplate technology uses less energy while extending the plate life. No other model uses it.
#5 TouchPad Control Panel
#6 PH Levels – 7 Presets is 20%more than the expensive brands

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