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Will you love alkaline water? Well, that depends on which water ionizer brand you buy. That's the funny thing about alkaline water. The scary part seems to be shopping for a water ionizer online these days. With so many ionizer reviews and comparisons out there, some from water ionizer companies themselves, as well as from independent ionizer review sites, let alone consumer reports, it's no wonder that there are thousands of confused customers out there. That's why this video which compares Air Water Life's Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 water ionizer, the LG Nexus Blue water ionizer and the Hydrent water ionizer is so compelling. You won't see Enagic or Kangen in here since it is in a different class (in high-end water ionizer class like Tyent).

Don't feel alone or get discouraged when shopping for that perfect water ionizer, even if there seems like there are a million water ionizer brands to choose from. In this water ionizer comparison video we are going to put aside the higher-end models, like the Kangen water ionizer-Enagic's SD501, Tyent Rettin MMP 11-plate series (which includes the countertop and under-the-counter units), AlkaViva, Ionways Ultra Delphi and Samsung's Vesta GL for now, and focus on the water ionizer brands that costs less than $1000 (water ionizer sale prices have been considered). Keep in mind that we will not be comparing the classic water ionizers here like Chanson's Miracle Max, Alkalux, Evontis Elite, KYK or Tyent Rettin's 9-plate series (MMP-9090 or UCE-9000), or Alkaviva/Jupiter's countertop model, the Athena. What we will be covering are the ionizers in the budget class. These water ionizers include the LG Nexus, Air Water Life/Alive Water and the Hydrent. Air Water Life is also known as Real Spirit USA.

Although ionized alkaline water is very popular in countries like Japan, Korea, and China, it doesn't mean that these countries all manufacture the same quality of water ionizers. From a quality standpoint, water ionizers that are produced in countries like Japan and Korea are far superior from the ionized quality made in China. Let's face it, we all want the best quality machine, with the best quality components to give us the best quality alkaline “miracle water” in order to get the most benefits of alkaline water. So pay close attention to the details in this unique, non-biased water ionizer comparison video.

The bottom line: The chamber where the water ionizer plates should be large. It is important that the plates are made from platinum titanium and even better if it is medical grade. Platinum used for water ionizer plates is very expensive, so that is where most of the expense resides.

Check out some of our other videos and look out for future water ionizer videos which include or will include a comparison of the high-end water ionizer brands, including the MLM companies like Enagic (which produces Kangen ionized alkaline water) and AlkaViva, as well as the direct-sellers like Tyent. Ionizer Research also has videos which compare or will eventually rate the middle of the road units like Chanson, KYK, Tyent's 9-plate and 7070 Turbo water ionizers, Evontis and Alkalux. Down the road, we will also compare some commercial water ionizer brands that can produce ionized alkaline water for hospitals, restaurants or water stores. Portable water ionizers are another subject that is on our list to videotape.

Don't forget to check out some of our older water ionizer videos that include the old Tyent 5050 water ionizer being compared with Jupiter's Athena and the Kangen SD-501. It's a classic. Even these alkaline water machine comparisons are still fun to watch.

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