What Water Ionizer Companies Won’t Tell You

What Water Ionizer Companies Won't Tell You

Here's what Water Ionizer Companies Won't Tell You

A Review and Comparison of Alkaline Water Ionizers. My business partner is a rare technology genius. He made a list of a dozen ways in which water ionizers could be improved. We put together a plan incorporating these improvements and designed a new, more affordable water ionizer, whose technology is even better than the high priced models! The Alive Water Ionizer is a complete WATER HEALTH SYSTEM available today and years ahead of the field. Purchasing an Alive Water Ionizer can save you a lot of money, and keep you from buying an ionizer that won't do half of what you hope it will. 

5 secrets water ionizer companies don't want you to know. Before you spend $1200 – $5,000 on a Kangen water ionizer pay close attention. Knowing this info can save $100-4,000 and choose the best water ionizer for you.

#1 did you know that most water ionizers are using unsafe plastics? Most Plastic products from sippy cups to hoses release chemicals that act like sex hormone estrogen, according to EPA & NTP ( NIH) via BPA -One of the chemicals in plastics. Exposure to the brains/prostate glands of the fetus and children. Agencies have unresolved questions about BPA’s in water ionizers. PROTECT YOURSELF – Make sure your water ionizer has FDA approved safe plastics.

#2 Did you know that Kangen water ionizers use chemicals to change the pH? The bottle says “not for drinking” it's called an “electrolysis enhancer”. But the two chemicals are sodium chloride -harmless enough, and sodium hypochlorite – look it up on Wikipedia – it's bleach or Clorox. I have to question why they put something toxic into my body.

Two major water ionizers on the market ASK you to inject these chemicals into the water to expand alkaline water pH.

#3 Untested Electronics There’s a certain range of electronic safety you’ll find in the US. Doesn't really have a lot to do with power supply consistency but consistency is going to determine not only the ionized water orp values & longevity. There are 3 different certifications you see in US water ionizers. Water Ionizers sold in the US are UL certified – you're most basic Underwriters Laboratory. CE – that's a European Commission Standard for industrial products. Ionizers can be self-certified by the manufacturer (Commission doesn’t do the testing – they leave it up to the manufacturer).

The best – ETL certified. Expensive certification and what's great – the product has met 200 prescribed product safety standards. Even more important for water ionizers because most are manufactured in China and Asia where the standards a completely different than in the US. In China, the water ionizer standards sometimes just aren't high. What important about the ETL standard is this- The mark indicates that the manufacturer's production site conforms to a range of compliance measures. Subject to periodic follow-up inspections to verify continued performance.

That's important if you want something really well tested, and really high-quality. It has this label

#4 Huge markups. Now the ionizer industry doesn’t want you to know this but it's exactly the reason you see hundreds of different water ionizer brands showing up on the market. $1200-$5000 is an inexpensive investment – it's expensive because I think most water ionizers are overpriced. The reason the markups are high is that the MLM water ionizer and the network marketing industry have found water ionizers to be very profitable. They have to pay large commissions back to distributors. Has to be enough for levels of distributors so they have pretty high distributor markups as well. Also, retail markups on these water ionizers as well too. So the solution is saving hundreds even thousands of dollars by purchasing online directly from a water ionizer manufacturer if possible.

#5 The world's best water ionizer is now only $895.00 it's called the alive water ionizer and it's the only one with FDA-approved plastics, the only one in the US as of this date ETL rated, doesn't use chemicals, advanced electronics – so you can use it as an undercounter model – an option with a faucet – it uses some latest technology – a lifetime warranty – 7 plates – 7 preset pH levels – quick connect hoses to set it up very easily – you don't need clamps or pliers – plus the highest quality platinum titanium plates – and you see a little picture of the two-headed counter top faucet which allows you to get one faucet I if you mounted under counter one faucet will give you alkaline water. and then the other little faucet could use to wash things and enhance the quality of your plants. See that comparison chart, watch videos, and read reviews on it.

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