Frog Pose – Yoga For Dummies

Frog Pose Yoga

So let's talk about frog pose today… Now, this is a very tricky pose. It is generally pretty well known to be extremely uncomfortable and most people. Actually, I would go so far as they dread this pose in a yoga class. So don't feel bad if you're having trouble with it and don't feel bad if you're, like, oh no she's, making us go into frog pose every time I mention it in a tutorial, but let's break it down so that we know that we're having the proper alignment. So that we can progress in the pose and also stay safe and not hurt ourselves come to all fours facing sideways on your mat. Sometimes I like to practice this pose with my knees off of the mat, because it allows my knees to slide apart more easily, but most people, like the padding, now begin to slide your knees further and further apart. So you can't go any farther and you maybe all the way up here and that's perfectly fine.

Take a look back. Make sure that your ankles are in line with the knees. The feet are flexed and, as you progress in the pose you'll be able to come down further and further. Now we also want to make sure that the hips are in line with the knees as well and, as you begin to come, all the way down. You're going to want to work more deeply into the pose and there's always little tricks that we can do to make that happen. I like to arch my lower back, tilting the tailbone up and then tuck it under so always finding movement in these postures. So, as you can see, I'm tilting my hips up and I'm tucking them under. This is really going to get very, very deep into those hips and those inner thighs so go ahead and give it a try. I dare you for another variation. You can bring the feet towards each other. Just gives you a little bit of a different stretch getting into a little bit different area there, but make sure that the knees stay in line with the hips always breathe very deeply when you're in frog pose and then to come out of it wherever you are, whether your feet are together, or apart, you're, going to come up onto your elbows or hands, draw the heels towards each other press down into the hands and then bring the knees together.