Unravel The Mysteries of Female Hair Loss

Dear Sister Hair Loss Sufferer: If you’re a woman experiencing hair loss and you’ve been told there’s nothing you can do about it — don’t believe it. I was told the same thing, but I refused to accept it.

At age 32 my hair began falling out by the handfuls and it didn’t stop until I was practically bald. Within a two month period of time I lost over 90% of my hair. I was experiencing a severe case of telogen effluvium (diffuse hair loss) along with alopecia areata. This wasn’t my first episode of hair loss but it was definitely the most extensive and the most dramatic. This episode brought me back to the doctors once again, but once again all my lab work came back in the normal range. I was supposed to be thankful (which I was) that I didn’t have any type of life-threatening illness. But as far as getting a remedy for my hair loss — I was told there was none. The only advice I was offered was to get a good wig and get on with my life. Ironically, during this time I happened to be tending a bare patch of lawn in my front yard. Watering and fertilizing the seedlings had me anxiously anticipating the blades of grass that would soon be sprouting. As the bare patch filled in with thick healthy grass, I knew there must be some sort of “fertilizer” that would help sprout the hair on my bare scalp. I was determined to find out. Through research and with the help of a cosmetologist who specialized in thinning hair, I learned about powerful natural ingredients used to stimulate hair growth. After applying these natural ingredients, my scalp felt energized and invigorated. Within months soft new hair began to appear, eventually becoming thicker, healthier and shinier than it was even before the loss! Needless to say I was amazed, relieved and excited all at the same time. Learning about hair loss became my passion. I immersed myself in every piece of information I could find on the biology of hair growth — becoming diligent in my quest to understand why women lose their hair and how to prevent it. My newfound “purpose in life” was to help other women suffering with female hair loss through education, empowerment and solutions. This offer includes all the information needed for women to understand and take charge of their own hair loss condition and begin growing beautiful, healthy hair.

The most important thing I learned is that regrowth is possible in most cases of female hair loss…even when the cause is hereditary.

Many women falsely believe that because androgenetic alopecia is caused by an inherited gene, balding is inevitable. Fortunately this isn’t true. With androgenetic alopecia, the hair doesn’t actually fall out. Instead, the follicle narrows progressively over time, producing thinner, weaker hairs that provide less scalp coverage. This is a slow progressive process. It takes…