5 Health Tips For Men Over 40

5 Health Tips For Men Over 40

It is hard for many guys to come to grips with and well let's face it some of us just don't take care of ourselves as we should.  Health and psychology expert Jonny Bowden joins us now to help us fix five the health mistakes or at least talk about them for men over 40. This is some of these things that we often do we're fighting that clogged fighting they're only 20 what are you talking about no I'm kidding let's get started some of the basics.  A lot of these we tend to forget about vitamins take testosterone is a big one. I talked to a lot of older men and they complain of symptoms that really could be considered low testosterone right and they want to rush out to get home when we play. So now I'm a big fan of hormone replacement I believe in it but I always believed my Ida professor once who said if you hear hoofbeats outside your window don't start assuming it's a zebra.  Right you know it probably starts with the basics start with the most obvious so with a lot of men they're not even getting the nutrients that they need in order to make the hormones.

I like to start with let's get the basic hormone or the basic nutrients done so we can make on testosterone that will support healthy testosterone then you can go and see if you really need. Let your bodies naturally desert I mean the one I love for men the most is wieder prime okay you can get this at Costco it's selling off the shelves of class and one of the things about this besides the fact that it has all the nutrients that we need to make hormones and to just be healthy in general.  It also contains something called ashwagandha and I brought some you can get on on Amazon it's a separate supplement ashwagandha terrific for energy for men ashwagandha just we're going to but the point is that Prime contains it and it contains a 600-milligram dose of the finest ashwagandha. So you get both that and the nutrients you need that's a really build testosterone it helps you to it helps with the energy it helps to make it. It helps all those things so it's a really really great product. Women great second thing with men mm-hmm is snoring yes now I can't tell you how important I know it's annoying and I know it's a relationship but I went to a conference the other day and we talked to some scientists who are working with the military.

The military considers three things most important for their high-performance people like the seal's nutrition exercise and sleep. Sleep absolute this disturbed sleep snoring disturbed sleep and that can have such ramifications for hormone production for energy for stress for belly fat all of these things. I love this device it's called mute. I like it is it true and that's exactly what it does it is a precision customizable device. I actually brought along a model of a face I don't know short of that but it actually inserts right into the nose it's so unobtrusive you don't see it. I brought a yellow one it's customizable it's over here maybe huh yeah well this up for you there we go there we go and it goes right in there you don't even see it. When you use the clear one like this they come in small medium and large but they're completely creative on the inside you put them inside it's really unobtrusive and you get a rush of air, okay and it opens the airwaves. Okay and that is really the place to start before you start going to sleep labs and getting measured it's the same kind of thing start with opening your airway right half the time that's what's gonna do it okay and it'll save relationships. Not sexy folks no get yourself some you can get you at CVS you can get it at Walgreens anywhere terrific terrific stuff.

Finally cured biggest change menu make is a change in their diet through that and get off this low-fat stuff. It was a big mistake it has been shown to not work especially for men. Men don't do well on low-fat diet right and a lot of times your wives hear about this and they tell them to do it and they try it and they need all this soy but it's not good for men. It's hurting no we need the basic foods that our grandparents ate eggs and healthy meat grass-fed meat and bone broth, coconut oil and palm oil and peanut butter and sardines and butter. These are great foods so we want more fat more protein less junky carbs good healthy fat there and avocados of course. I love sardines but yeah not everybody but that's a great food that's a health food in a box and eggs those are great again.

I always recommend that people get pastured eggs and grass-fed meat because the stuff in meat is what's bad for us, not the meat itself not the eggs itself.  It's all the hormones and the antibiotics and all the other stuff that they fill up the animals and that's what makes it worse. It's so true so just real quick again we've got supplements like what we do prime is my top recommendation for men mute to help with that snotty okay you to eliminate that snoring right might help with it and that is it's much you can't underestimate how important that is sleep is important. It's so important for your whole biochemistry. You relations right you got to keep those relationships going too good out into the 40s 50s 60s and 70s that's good to see for more information on middle-aged men and how you can help stay healthy.