Juicing for Healthy Weight Loss

Juicing for Healthy Weight Loss

Juicing For HealthJuicing has become extremely popular with many people for either losing weight, or for maintaining healthy weight levels.

Juice fasting is a further ‘juice diet’ extension for losing excess weight, however, your nutrient intake has to be considered. You certainly don’t get all the necessary nutrients you need from a diet that consists purely of fruits and vegetables.

Juicing Reduces the Size of Your Stomach

Our stomach is approximately the size of a closed-fist, at least that’s the size of a healthy stomach. Over time if you continue to eat to excess, your stomach stretches and keeps on stretching the more you overfill it. Years of overeating make your stomach grow and your health dwindle.

Drinking juiced vegetables or fruits to replace fast-food, processed meals, is an effective method for helping your stomach to reduce to its normal, healthier size. The caloric content in a juice drink is less than a hamburger and fries and the complex carbohydrates are better for you.

Juicing as Part of Your Daily Habit

If you start juicing daily, think of it as a healthy lifestyle habit, rather than a diet. The word diet tends to have negative effects on many “dieters”, whereas, if your daily juicing is seen as part of your meal plan you can expect to see better weight loss results.

You won’t feel the need to break your diet for a treat, as you won’t be on a diet per se.

Checking your Channels of Elimination

While juice fasting, make sure that all your channels of elimination are working efficiently. See to it that you sweat and move your bowels on a daily basis. Drink plenty of water to be able to urinate frequently. This is to ensure that you are losing the toxins that have been accumulating in your body all these years while you also strive to achieve a healthy weight.

Juicing – There’s No Fat, But Don’t Forget The Sugar Content

Juicing is considered healthy because fruits and vegetables contain no bad fats. Avocados contain healthy fats, but most fruits and vegetables have zero fat content. However, fruits do contain sugar and too much sugar can contribute to unwanted fat accumulation.

Some fruits contain high amounts of sugar which are best consumed in the morning, such as apples. On the other hand, carrots will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep your appetite under control. Therefore, it is worth your while learning about your fruits and vegetables, and the benefits of each!

If you want to expedite your weight loss goals, you can even add certain ingredients to your juices. For example, you can help stimulate your body’s fat-burning enzymes by adding cinnamon, peppers, and garlic.

Nutrient Value

One of the best things about juicing is your body can absorb 99% of the juice's nutrients. If you eat the same fruit and vegetables your body will only be able to absorb approximately 38% of its nutrient content.

This is because the juice lacks fiber so the vitamins and minerals are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. This translates to a higher bio-availability of nutrients inside your body. However, just remember, you need other nutrients too to be totally healthy!

Juicing for Better Health